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The Truth About The Beef Industry

Unlike most animal foods, many people are not only aware of the negative impact of eating beef on their health but actively avoiding it - and they're right to.

But it's not just for health reasons that beef is a bad choice.  The raising of cattle has more of an environmental impact than you might realize, and is definitely no fun for the cows.

Let's explore the truth behind the beef industry.

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The Truth About The Dairy Industry

We all know the slogans... "Got milk?"  We see ads every day picturing happy cows being milked by hand and grazing in lush fields.  We've been told we need dairy to build strong bones for so long it has crystallized as fact in our society.  But what if the dairy industry is lying to us?  The recent influx of ads in Toronto for dairy products as a defence against osteoporosis got me riled up and I haven't yet calmed down.  (I wrote a this page in response.)  The dairy industry is a business.  They are selling a product.  They do their best to convince us their product is indispensable for good health because that's what drives profit, not because it's true.  Let me tell you the truth about the dairy industry, behind all of the marketing spins and selective wording.

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10 Reasons to Go Vegan!

Are you sitting on the fence, unsure about taking the leap into veganism?  I understand.  It took me 8 months of debating and researching after going vegetarian before I made the change.  Now I wish that I'd gone vegan years earlier!  As they say, hindsight is always 20/20.  Perhaps you'll benefit from my hindsight by reading my top 10 reasons to go vegan!

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