The Dynamic Kanban Board: How To Manage Work Projects in your Bullet Journal

I'm excited to be sharing my brand new work project management spread with you today!  This is a combination of a leveled up to do list and a dynamic kanban board, and I am really looking forward to starting to use it in my day-to-day.  

The Dynamic Kanban Board: How To Manage Work Projects in your Bullet Journal  //  Plant Based Bride

Watch this video here or on YouTube:

I asked you on instagram if you'd rather see this spread or a skincare spread first, and you chose the project management spread so here it is!  Don't forget to follow me on instagram so you can have a say in the content I create for you all:  @elizabethturn

I was inspired to create this spread after reading the following two blog posts:

Minimal Plan

Ink By Jen G

Go follow Claire and Jen, if you aren't already, because they are amazing!

Supplies Used:

-Rhodia Webnotebook:
-Sakura Micron Archival Ink Pen 01:
-Tombow Dual Brush Pens in N65:
-Tombow Dual Brush Pens in N95:
-Semikolon Sticky Note Book:
-Mono Eraser:
-Westcott Microban Recycled Plastic Ruler:

Dynamic Kanban Board in your Bullet Journal // Plant Based Bride
Project Management Key // Plant Based Bride

So what is a Kanban Board anyway?

Dynamic Kanban Board in your Bullet Journal // Plant Based Bride

Well. let me tell you!

At the most basic level, Kanban Boards allow you to visualize and map your workflow for projects.

The Kanban technique was first established by Toyota in the 1940s (Kanban is Japanese for "sign" or "billboard") and began with physical cards passed down the stream of manufacturing from one line worker to another.  The system is highly customizable and allows teams or individuals full freedom in creating a board that works for them and the types of projects they work on.

All you have to do is figure out which steps are universal to all of your projects and lay those steps out in a notebook or on a whiteboard.  The simplest versions I've seen have three categories, Plan / Process / Complete (or To Do / Doing / Done).  I decided to add one more category and ended up with To Do / Plan / Progress / Implement, as these are the steps relevant to the types of projects I tackle at work.  The fun part is that you can split up your project into however many and whatever types of categories you like!

Dynamic Kanban Board in your Bullet Journal // Plant Based Bride

Once you have your board set up all you need to do is write each project on it's own sticky note and place it on the board at the appropriate step in the process (Project A is in To Do, Project B is in Implement, Project C is in Progress, Project D is in Plan, etc.) and move them as they progress to the next step.  This is a very effective tool for visual learners and can be very helpful is you have multiple projects on the go at a time or work with a team!

Be sure to watch the video for a full rundown on how the system works and I would love to hear how you like to manage projects and whether or not you use your bullet journal to do it!

Until next time,

xox Elizabeth

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