Do What Scares You. Repeat.

I'm scared.  Really scared.

The world is a mess.  War, hunger, oppression, hatred - we've got it all.  Even the Earth itself is falling apart.  We don't have much time left.

Every time I watch the news, I get another jolt of it.  What have we come to?  What are we doing?

I'm terrified.

But I'm an introvert.  I hate conflict.  I never dreamed I'd be an outspoken advocate of anything at all.  I thought I'd sit in my proper place, do what was expected of me, keep to myself.  And be happy.

Turns out, I can't be truly happy when others suffer needlessly.  I need to stand up against injustice.  I need to do better and encourage others to do better as well.

So back to the drawing board.

I need to face my fears.

Every day.

Over and over again.

I need to be afraid and do it anyway.

Because I'm needed.

By human and non-human animals alike.

And they need you, too.

So let's stand up, together.  Face our fears.  Make the world a better place.

Because if we don't, who will?

Do What Scares You.  Repeat.

Until next time,

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