Plant Based Bride

One woman's thoughts on the science and morality behind the choice to live without animal products. And possibly a blog post or two about centrepieces.

Vegan News: Canadian Dairy Farms Fined For What?! #LastWeekInVegan

It's time for episode two of #LastWeekInVegan!  What's happening in the world of vegan?

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My First Tattoo

Today I'm telling the story of getting my first tattoo!  Tattoo Tag videos are some of my favourites to watch, and I found them so helpful as I was getting ready to get my first tattoo.  I wanted to make this video about my experience getting a tattoo for anyone out there who might be interested in getting one themselves!

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How To Be An Intersectional Vegan

Intersectionality has become a hot-button topic amongst vegan activists and advocacy groups in the past year.  But what is it, and why should vegans be working to make room for intersectionality in their own personal advocacy?

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