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Minimal Summer Lookbook

I am so excited to share my minimalist lookbook for summer 2017! 

An ethical fashion lookbook was highly requested so here is my summer capsule in action :)

Minimal Summer Lookbook // Plant Based Bride

Watch the video here or on YouTube!

Getting this video together was a long arduous process involving dropping my hard drive (losing the project file mid edit) only to find the backup of my project that I saved in another location was corrupt and having to start all over again at almost 3am last night.

But all of that aside, the video is done and it is here!  

I hope you enjoy this neutral summer lookbook using the pieces from my summer capsule wardrobe.  If you want more details on the pieces check out my capsule wardrobe video here:

...and the video where I explain my capsule building process and go into more details on each piece and slow fashion brands:

This minimal summer lookbook 2017 is a great representation of my style - simple, neutral, and a bit edgy.

These outfits were styled from my minimal capsule wardrobe which is modeled after Project 333 and is full of slow, eco, ethical, and vegan pieces.

Do you have a minimalist summer capsule wardrobe?  I want to see it!  Link it below or tag me on social media with photos and/or videos of your minimal summer capsule :)

Also, if you love neutral lookbooks as much as I do (so calming, right??) give this video a big thumbs up!

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