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Vegan Grocery Haul On A Budget + Top Tips For Saving Money On Vegan Food

On a budget but still want to eat healthy plant based foods?  

Me too!

Veganism doesn't have to be expensive.

Today I'm sharing a recent vegan grocery shop to give you an idea of some of the foods we regularly buy along with how much we paid for them.

After the budget vegan grocery haul I also share my top 3 tips for how to save money on vegan groceries - because not everyone knows that eating vegan on a budget is possible!

Vegan Grocery Haul On A Budget + Top Tips For Saving Money On Vegan Food // Plant Based Bride

Watch the video here or on YouTube:

I just want to point out that this isn't the only food we eat and we weren't starting with an empty fridge/pantry.  This is a typical weekly vegan shop minus a couple things we already had in the house (like tofu, some fresh veggies, oatmeal, etc.) and with some extras added in (like the coconut flakes, coconut sugar, and nutritional yeast) that we keep in our pantry and just happened to run out of all at the same time.  Much of what I'm showing here lasts way longer than a week (like the beans, the vegan becel, and the aforementioned nooch & coconut sugar/flakes).

Also for any of you who aren't aware, I live downtown Toronto where food prices are pretty astronomical.  BUT, it's definitely still possible to get lots of vegan food on a budget!  All prices are in Canadian dollars.

I'm sure many of you in less metropolitan areas could get much better prices on some of these foods, but I was pretty proud of this shop!

Please let me know if you found this video helpful and would like to see more budget friendly videos or more tips on getting groceries for vegans on a budget!

Until next time,