15 Awesome Plant Based Instagram Accounts You Should Follow!

I have to admit something:  I am mildly obsessed with instagram.  And by mildly obsessed I mean I check my feed at least once an hour.  (Stop that.  Stop judging me.  You probably do too.  It's not just me, right?) ...anyway, it is by far my favourite social media platform and such a great way to interact with lots of different people!  When I first joined instagram I immediately started following vegan cooks, youtube personalities, podcasters, and authors.  Over time I started following a lot more normal everyday vegans, like me.  I loved being able to see other people's adventures and food, and feeling like I wasn't alone.  When I first went vegan I didn't know anyone who already was; I barely knew any vegetarians.  I was wandering into unchartered territory, and I have a horrible sense of direction.  Instagram and YouTube saved me from what was sure to be a very lonely and long process of trial and error.  I saw so many incredible people being successful doing what I was trying to do, and they looked so happy, healthy, and at peace!  I found a community online that I've never had in the real world, to this day.  Luckily I now have an incredible fiancé, Jason, who is also vegan.  And let me tell you, that has made all of the difference.  Loving and living with someone who understands that part of me has been so wonderful and such a relief, and we've built our own little vegan community of two :)  

But even though I have a fantastic vegan life-partner in crime, I still LOVE my vegan instagram community.  I want to share with you 15 awesome instagrammers I follow, who also happen to be plant based!  Here we go, in no particular order:

15. @adashofplants

adashofplants on instagram from plantbasedbride.com

I LOVE Rhia's account, adashofplants!  The minimalist look of her page really stands out from the  over-saturated vegan pages you usually find on instagram.  Her photos are beautiful and I could scroll through them for hours!

adashofplants' profile on instagram from plantbasedbride.com

14. @missashleydiana

missashleydiana on instagram from plantbasedbride.com

Formerly known as lipstickandberries (and running a website of that name), Ashley has a fun page full of beauty & skincare, health & wellness, and food!

missashleydiana's profile on instagram from plantbasedbride.com

13. @jiliciousjourney

jiliciousjourney on instagram from plantbasedbride.com

JJ's page is fun and not as "posed" as some other vegan accounts.  It feels like you're getting a real glimpse into her life when you scroll through her photos!

jiliciousjourney's profile on instagram from plantbasedbride.com

12. @feedingmindbodysoul

feedingmindbodysoul on instagram from plantbasedbride.com

Chelsea is a vegan dancer (like me!) from Sydney, Australia.  Her profile is full of stunning photos of her delicious-looking meals!

feedingmindbodysoul's profile on instagram from plantbasedbride.com

11. @fullyrawkristina

fullyrawkristina on instagram from plantbasedbride.com

Kristina's page is full of gorgeous bright colours, delicious raw vegan food and positivity!  I love her quirky personality and how much she absolutely adores this lifestyle.

fullyrawkristina's instagram from plantbasedbride.com

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10. @sophiesfood

sophiesfood on instagram from plantbasedbride.com

Sophie may be young (only 19!) but her page is exquisite.  There is so much to see and so much food to drool over.  Go give her your support!

sophiesfood's profile on instagram from plantbasedbride.com

9. @flourishinghealth

flourishinghealth on instagram from plantbasedbride.com

Tilda is a teenage vegan living in Sweden with absolutely GORGEOUS food photography.  Her page is more like visual art than food.  Although it looks pretty mouthwatering too...

flourishing health's instagram on plantbasedbride.com

8. @stephsplate

stephsplate profile.jpg

A vegan runner, Steph's account has photos of her running as well as her meals.  Hers is a great account to follow if you're not raw and want cooked meal ideas!

stephsplate's profile on instagram from plantbasedbride.com

7. @planthletegirl

planthletegirl on instagram from plantbasedbride.com

I had to throw a local girl in here, and Sarah is a great choice! We Torontonians really know where it's at.  If you're into fitness and weightlifting, you should really check her out. (And how adorable are the penguin cake toppers on her vegan wedding cake??)

planthletegirl's profile on instagram from plantbasedbride.com

6. @bestofvegan

bestofvegan on instagram from plantbasedbride.com

Best of Vegan regrams photos and recipes from all over instagram and is a great way to find new & awesome vegans to follow!

plantbasedbride.com recommends bestofvegan on instagram

5. @lonijane

lonijane on instagram from plantbasedbride.com

Loni Jane is a new mom, recently engaged (like me!), and has a very cool page.  Check out her photos of food, travel, home, and family!

lonijane's profile on plantbasedbride.com

4. @livepurejenna

livepurejenna on instagram from plantbasedbride.com

Jenna is another one with a super bright page.  Her fruit presentation is top-notch and I'm always hungry after checking out her profile!

livepurejenna's profile on instagram from plantbasedbride.com

3. @ohsheglows

ohsheglows on instagram from plantbasedbride.com

I've been following Angela for years now, since even before I went vegan!  I have her amazing cookbook and love following her blog and her instagram feed.  She's a fellow Canadian, a mom, and a great cook!

ohsheglows' profile on instagram from plantbasedbride.com

2. @plantbased_pixie

plantbased_pixie on instagram from plantbasedbride.com

Pixie's page is calming, consistent, and carefully curated.  (That alliteration went far too far).  I love her posts and think you will too!

plantbased_pixie's profile on instagram from plantbasedbride.com

1. @elizabethturn

elizabethturn on instagram from plantbasedbride.com

OK, I had to.  How could I write a list of awesome instagrammers to follow and completely ignore myself?? (I may be slightly biased in thinking that my feed is awesome, but what can you do.) I post all kinds of fun pictures from my travels and day to day life to the yummy vegan food I eat all day long! You should follow me and leave a comment telling me you came from this post so I can check out your profile and get to know you!

elizabethturn's profile on instagram from plantbasedbride.com

So there you have it, 15 awesome plant based instagram accounts for you to check out!  I hope you enjoyed reading my list and that you found a couple new wonderful women to follow.  I guess, in a way, this blog is me trying to reach out and contribute to the larger online community of people who feel the same way I do about animal rights, health, and the environment.  Let's all support each other and cheer each other on as we make a huge difference in the world, together!

Until next time...

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