January 2019 Bullet Journal Plan With Me: Letterboard Theme!

I guess it’s almost 2019? I’m not sure how, but ok! Come hang out with me while I set up mu letterboard theme in my bullet journal for January 2019 and be sure to check out my husband’s set up next week (there will be a giveaway!)

January 2019 Bullet Journal Plan With Me | Plant Based Bride

You can watch the video here or on YouTube:

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Alrighty, go grab your BuJo and let's get planning for January 2019!

This month I decided to do a Letterboard theme (I LOVE my Letterboard, which you definitely already know if you follow me on Instagram!) and am so happy with how it turned out.

P.S. There is no giveaway in this week's video but make sure to keep notifications on because it will be happening next week in Jason's BuJo set up!

Welcome 2019 BuJo Cover Page | Plant Based Bride
Welcome 2019 | New Bullet Journal Cover Page | Plant Based Bride
Welcome 2019 | New Bullet Journal Cover Page | Plant Based Bride


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Hello January 2019 | New Bullet Journal Cover Page | Plant Based Bride
Hello January 2019 | New Bullet Journal Cover Page | Plant Based Bride
Hello January 2019 | New Bullet Journal Cover Page | Plant Based Bride
Hello January 2019 | New Bullet Journal Cover Page | Plant Based Bride


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Until next time,

xo Elizabeth


This video is sponsored by Four Sigmatic.

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