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#SelfCareSaturday Episode One: My Mental Health Story

Welcome to the first episode of my new series: #SelfCareSaturday.  Self-care is such an important thing to prioritize in life for all around well-being, and I'm making a commitment to do just that.  Whether you struggle with mental illness as I have and continue to, are an activist experiencing burnout, or just want to take care of yourself, I hope this series can inspire you to put yourself first.

#SelfCareSaturday Episode One: My Mental Health Story // Plant Based Bride

Who needs self-care?  Everyone.

Why do I need self-care?  Let's get into it.

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Every other Saturday I will cover an aspect of self-care: what it is, why it's important, links and resources, and how I'll be incorporating it into my life.

After two weeks of practicing it daily, making it a habit, I'll check in with an update and introduce the next part of my self-care plan.

This week is all about getting educated.  Check out the links below for a place to start, go download the FREE workbook that goes along with this series, and see you in episode two!

Until next time,