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#LastWeekInVegan The Turkey Industry, E. Coli, & Pizza the Polar Bear

Hi all!  Here I am, back again for episode 6 of #LastWeekInVegan.  This week in vegan news we have Pizza the polar bear, an expose on the conditions for slaughterhouse workers in the turkey industry, Morrissey writing another letter, lots of E. Coli in Great Britain's chickens, and an adorable study on the ability of pigs to be pessimists and optimists.  

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Check out all of the links below to learn more!

Vegan Model Walks Out on Fur Photoshoot

Two-Thirds of British Chicken Contains E. Coli

Morrissey Urges GM to Make Vegan Car Interiors

Employees Speak Out Against Turkey Industry

Study Shows Pigs Can Be Optimists and Pessimists

"World's Saddest Polar Bear" Released from Mall Cage

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