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6 Best Minimalist YouTube Channels

In honour of my picking up YouTube again I am sharing my 6 favourite minimalist YouTube channels for your viewing pleasure!  Go check them out and get inspired to make more steps towards minimalism in your own life.

These are the 6 BEST minimalist YouTubers out there!  Go check them out for some serious inspiration.

Light By Coco 

Coco was the first minimalist YouTuber I started watching, and she's still my favourite.  Her life is so relatable, and her tips are extremely helpful.  Her video on digital organization was the inspiration for me to organize my computer and email!  I also love her aesthetic and calm demeanour.  

Exploring Alternatives

This couple actually sold their home and began living in a VAN.  Talk about inspiring minimalists!  They share great tips, snippets from their life, and other minimalists' stories.  They're actually incredibly relatable, despite their extreme lifestyle.  I've found them more recently but have found myself spending lots of time on their channel!  

Melissa Alexandria

Not only does she make really helpful videos on all aspects of minimalism, but she's also a vegan! (10 points for gryffindor!)  She's concise and very warm in her videos and I love her personal style (she wears almost as much black as I do - which is really not an easy task!).


I have a serious hair crush on this girl.  Oh, and her videos are great, too!  Aileen's a big fan of the KonMari method, just like I am, and I really enjoy her videos about her journey with decluttering using Marie Kondo's book as a guide.  Her channel is wonderful for those of you who are just beginning your journey with the KonMari brand of minimalism as she has quite a few helpful tutorials on methods from the book!


Jaime-Lee's capsule wardrobes are on point, and really helped me while I was in the planning stages of mine!  She is definitely very style focused, so if you're a self-proclaimed shopaholic her channel might fulfill your urge to shop without actually having to buy anything.  (A major pus when you're trying to reduce your belongings!)


Cynthia's another great one to watch for fashion inspiration.  She's all about sustainable fashion, which really aligns with my perspective on clothing.  She also does capsule wardrobes and encourages thrift shopping!  Her videos tend to be on the longer end with a LOT of helpful information!

Who's your favourite minimalist to watch on YouTube?  I'd love for all of us to find more quality YouTubers to pull inspiration from on our minimalist journeys!

Until next time,

6 BEST minimalist YouTubers!