Fall Capsule Wardrobe

It's finally here!  This is literally the most excited I have been for October in my entire life.  Like I mentioned in my How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe post (which you should read, by the way), I have been looking forward to creating a capsule wardrobe for about 6 months.  The process of dreaming, curating, and photographing my new, minimal, fall wardrobe has been so much fun.  I can't wait to show you which pieces I decided on!

By the way, if you want to see the outfits I put together using my capsule items be sure to follow me on Instagram (@elizabethturn).  I will be posting my outfits everyday so that you can see a real life example of how a capsule wardrobe actually works in day to day life.

Ok.  Enough rambling.  Without further ado, my Fall Capsule Wardrobe! 

As you can see, I'm a big fan of the black and white look.  (You'd know this already if you followed me on instagram!)  I'm not big on colour or pattern, and that's why my wardrobe has very little of both.  I am partial to plaid, however, and decided to include a plaid shirt for a bit of traditional fall flavour (and for those casual days at the pumpkin patch!)  The great thing about a wardrobe mostly made up of black and white is that everything goes with everything else so easily, giving me endless combination possibilities over the next 3 months!

I'm sure you're wondering about a couple of the pieces and where I bought them, so I'll share all of that information for you.  But first, a little disclaimer.  As I am an ethical vegan, I do not endorse purchasing any items made from or by animals.  A couple of these pieces I purchased before my transition to veganism, and are therefore not in line with my current beliefs.  If you are interested in my take on wearing products made from or by animals as a vegan, and why I continue to wear some of my old pieces, check out the post HERE.  For full transparency I will list the store where I purchased each item, but I will not link to items containing animal products.  Rather, I will link to a similar item made with vegan materials.  I hope you understand why I am choosing to do this and appreciate the time I've put into this post for you!  Some of the items were given to me or I purchased long enough ago that they are no longer available.  In those cases I will link to something similar, or the same item in a different colour!

TOPS (18)

  1. white cami - aritzia
  2. white tank - similar
  3. white deep v blouse - similar
  4. white button down - anthropologie
  5. white collarless blouse - similar
  6. grey cropped tank - brandy melville
  7. grey hooded cardigan - similar
  8. grey & black baseball tee - aritzia
  9. black & grey reversible cami - similar
  10. black sleeveless swing blouse - zara
  11. black sleeveless v neck blouse - aritzia
  12. black t-shirt - aritzia
  13. black deep v blouse - similar
  14. black long sleeve top - aritzia
  15. black cardigan - similar
  16. black pullover sweater - similar
  17. chambray shirt - similar
  18. red plaid shirt - gap


  1. black skinny jeans - american eagle
  2. black trousers - zara
  3. black zippered leggings - zara 
  4. black vegan leather pants - similar
  5. black track pants - gap 
  6. black maxi skirt - brandy melville
  7. dark green jeans - similar
  8. blue ripped jeans - similar
  9. blue jeans - anthropologie


  1. grey sweater dress - aritzia
  2. grey skater dress - similar


  1. black blazer - similar
  2. black vegan leather moto jacket - similar
  3. black coat - aritzia - similar - similar - similar
  4. olive military jacket - aritzia


  1. black riding boots - similar
  2. vegan doc martens - doc martens
  3. short black cowboy boots - town shoes - similar
  4. brown lace-up boots - similar
  5. black oxfords - aldo
  6. black converse - similar
  7. black flats - lulu's

And there you have it, my first ever capsule wardrobe!  I am so excited to work within this framework to build all of my outfits until the end of 2015.  As you can see, the capsule doesn't include accessories, special occasion wear, or workout wear.  I will be committing to no new purchases until the end of December, when I will be planning my winter capsule.  Check out my Style and Capsule Pinterest boards to see what I'm loving for winter!

I hope you've enjoyed getting a look into my closet and that you'll consider giving a capsule wardrobe a try!  If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know in the comments.  I love hearing from you and want to foster a fun and interactive community here on Plant Based Bride :)

Until next time, 


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