Happy Halloween!

Hi, guys!

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays.  I mean, that's not overly surprising, given I'm an actor (so duh, I love dressing up), but ANYWAY... dressing up for Halloween is the best!  I love crafting, but almost never have time for it, so Halloween is the perfect excuse to get creative.  

So from my happy ghoulish heart straight to yours, 

Happy Halloween, everyone! @elizabethturn / plantnasedbride.com

The month of October has been pretty crazy for me, but Jason and I still made time for our second annual Autumn Date!  It's becoming a tradition for us to go pick out pumpkins, grab supplies, and carve them in a park, then have a fun photoshoot.  I hope we keep doing it every single year!

Here are a couple of the shots from the day (I worked hard on that kitten pumpkin!):

Jason carving his goofy pumpkin! @elizabethturn / plantbasedbride.com
Pumpkin carving with my baby! @elizabethturn / plantbasedbride.com
My fiancé is so adorable I just can't even.  @elizabethturn / plantbasedbride.com
Jason doing cool photography tricks on me in the park :) @elizabethturn / plantbasedbride.com
Playing in the park with my fiancé for Halloween! @elizabethturn / plantbasedbride.com

But on to the fun, creative, DIY part of Halloween.  The costumes!  Last year I was Jessica Rabbit:

Wolverine and Jessica Rabbit! Halloween Costume Ideas @elizabethturn / plantbasedbride.com

I bought the dress at a vintage shop and cut off the straps, bought gloves and a wig, and had loads of fun with the makeup!  It all worked surprisingly well, especially the dress which I taped to myself with approximately 29 pieces of double sided tape!

The year before that I was a unicorn:

Be a unicorn for Halloween! @elizabethturn / plantbasedbride.com

My favourite parts were my homemade horn out of rolled up foam paper glued to a headband and my tail made out of 3 pastel boas tied to a fanny pack!  Any excuse to wear a fanny pack and I'm there.

And the year before that I was Minnie Mouse:

Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume @elizabethturn / plantbasedbride.com

I had the dress already from a dance costume, but painted the trim, added the bow and buttons, and sewed it up into a bustle over my tutu!  I also made my ears from foam attached to a headband.  Anyone sensing a trend?

What am I this year, you ask?  I've been dressing up for the past couple of weeks at work, since I work at a costume shop, and have been having lots of fun trying on the wigs especially!  

I LOVED this green one:

Green hair don't care!  Halloween costume roundup @elizabethturn / plantbasedbride.com

And I had fun with this little Miss Monroe cut:

Easy Marilyn Monroe halloween costume! @elizabethturn / plantbasedbride.com

But my very favourite costume was this one:

Make a difference this Halloween with a costume that acts as a voice for the voiceless!  Vegan feminist halloween costumes for the win @elizabethturn / plantbasedbride.com

Here's the caption I wrote on Instagram for those of you who don't do the whole Insta thing!  Though you should.  Really.

"Spokescow to the rescue! Just casually being the voice for the voiceless today at work. 🐮 Cows are beautiful, loving, and intelligent animals, just like you and I. I want you to imagine that your neighbour, a woman you don't know well but seems nice, was forcefully artificially inseminated. Would that make you angry? What if, after nine long months, she gave birth, only to have her baby taken away from her forever so that machines could be hooked up to her breasts to extract the milk meant for her child. Would you be angrier still? And what if as soon as her milk dried up she was artificially inseminated again, and so on, until she was unable to conceive. I bet you'd be fuming. And what if, when she was finally unable to become pregnant, she was killed and her body parts used to make clothing and glue and other products. I bet you'd be disgusted. And what if you learned that her female children were subjected to the same fate, while her male children were killed to be eaten as a delicacy. I bet you'd stand up. I bet you wouldn't be able to stay silent. So how come when it happens to a female cow it's ok? What is it about a cow that makes us feel justified to systematically torture? The dairy industry is NOT blameless. Far from it. If this post makes you angry, as it did several customers at my store today, ask yourself why. Why should someone pointing out the obvious, that a cow's milk is meant for that cow's children, not for human consumption, make you so mad? Is it that you don't like thinking about it? Does it make you feel guilty? It's time to look inside yourself and decide if you can be responsible for the immense physical and emotional suffering that these beautiful creatures experience every single day of their lives. And you are responsible if you're consuming the result. It's not ME you're mad at. It's you."

But what am I going to be today, for the real Halloween?  You'll have to watch the video below to find out!  I wanted to take this opportunity to finally talk to you (out loud!)... in my first YouTube video in years!  Check it out below and don't forget to subscribe as I plan on uploading more videos for you in the very near future :)

Until next time,

@elizabethturn / plantbasedbride.com

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