Fall Capsule Wardrobe 2016 + One Year Capsule Update!

I can’t believe I’ve completed a full year of capsule wardrobes!  This year has been so eye-opening and life-changing - I honestly can’t believe I ever handled my closet any other way.  I’m excited to share all about my fall capsule wardrobe for this year and to chat with you about my experience doing capsule wardrobes for a whole year!

Fall Capsule Wardrobe 2016 + 1 Year Capsule Wardrobe Recap! // Plant Based Bride
My 2016 Fall Capsule Wardrobe is ready!  This time around I talk you through my process and go into detail about each piece. // Plant Based Bride

On Monday I posted a video talking through my process of building a capsule and talking about each piece I included through this time around and why I chose it!  Watch it here or on YouTube for a more in depth look at my method!

Here’s a list of each piece I included and where you can buy it (whether it be the exact piece or something similar!)

TOPS (22)

  1. White Flowy Cami (Aritzia
  2. White V Neck Muscle Tee (Aritzia)
  3. White Button Down With Pockets (Zara)
  4. White Button Down (Zara)
  5. Beige Trench Coat (Forever 21)
  6. Long Line Grey Cardigan (Forever 21)
  7. Knit Cropped Tank (Brandy Melville)
  8. Oversized Denim Shirt (Zara)
  9. Grey Lace Up Tank (Urban Outfitters)
  10. Deep V Crop Grey (Aritzia)
  11. Grey Pocket Tee (Aritzia)
  12. Dark Grey Tee (Aritzia)
  13. Black Lace Up Tank (Urban Outfitters)
  14. Black Cami (Aritzia)
  15. Deep V Crop Black (Aritzia)
  16. Black Sleeveless High Neck Blouse (Aritzia)
  17. Black Sleeveless V Neck Blouse (Aritzia)
  18. V Neck Black Tee (Urban Outfitters)
  19. Black Pocket Tee (Aritzia)
  20. Black Long Sleeve Top (Aritzia)
  21. Black Henley (Urban Outfitters)
  22. Black V Neck Pullover (Aritzia)


  1. High Waisted Denim Shorts (Urban Outfitters)
  2. Low Rise Distressed Jeans (Hollister)
  3. Black Dress Shorts (Club Monaco)
  4. High Waisted Black Jean Shorts (Lulu's)
  5. High Waisted Blue Jeans (Urban Outfitters)
  6. Black Skinny Jeans (American Eagle)
  7. Cropped Dress Pants (Zara)
  8. Black Zipper Leggings (Zara)
  9. Dress Pants Yoga Pants (Betabrand)


  1. Black Deep V Dress (Lulu's)
  2. Black Jumpsuit (Lulu's)


  1. Black Blazer (Zara)
  2. Black Vegan Leather Moto Jacket (Lulu's)
  3. Black Coat (Aritzia)


  1. Vegan Doc Martens (Doc Martens)
  2. Vegan Leather Black and Nude Pumps (Call It Spring)
  3. Dotted Apollo Sneakers (Native Shoes)
  4. Vegan Leather Oxfords (Aldo)
  5. Black High Top Chucks (Converse)
  6. Two-Tone Flats (Melissa)

You may have noticed that I surpassed my usual maximum limit of 40 items this time around… don’t worry, it’s not a mistake!  After the difficulty I had last year trying to put together a wardrobe that could carry me from almost 30 degree weather in September all the way to snow and freezing temperatures in November, I decided to give myself a couple extra items to improve my chances of being covered no matter the circumstance.

As you can see, my neutral wardrobe is here to stay for another season.  Until I began my capsule wardrobe project I didn’t realize how wonderful it would be to remove colour from my closet!  I was always a big fan of all black outfits and neutrals, but it wasn’t all I wore by any means.  The freedom and satisfaction I feel while rocking a colour-less outfit is so worth it that I pretty much have no colourful pieces left!

Don’t forget to watch my YouTube video to get more details on each piece and why I chose them as well as my lookbook video!

A Recap Of My Full Year Of Capsules

As you may recall, this past year I've had four capsules:

Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Cruise Capsule Wardrobe (+ Cruise Capsule Lookbook)

Summer Capsule Wardrobe (+ Summer Capsule Lookbook)

The verdict?

I would say my capsule project has turned out to be a roaring success!

I was pretty wary of the whole thing at the beginning, to be fully honest.  I didn’t think I would be able to stop shopping constantly, or be happy wearing the same pieces and outfits over and over.  But I have, and I am!  I feel as though such a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, as dramatic as that sounds.

I spoke about this briefly in my One Year Of Minimalism Update video, but I was a serious shopaholic for several years.  Shopping gave me a rush that helped me forget my problems and combat my developing depression.  The idea of removing my self-prescribed antidepressant from my life was terrifying.  But I honestly feel that taking that shot of endorphins away has allowed me to look deeper and to begin to work through my problems, rather than run away from them.

Capsules have cut my morning routine in half.  I don't spend time walking from the closet to the dresser, trying to decide what to wear.  I check the weather, grab some bottoms, grab a top, and go.  Everything is on the same small rack, easy to find and organized.

I feel like my style is more consistent and I feel more put together no matter how recently I rolled out of bed.  Which is definitely a bonus considering how much I love to sleep!

I have realized through the capsule process that the vast majority of my wardrobe no longer fits my style, and have donated far more pieces than I ever would have thought possible a year ago.  I've even sold some pieces, making some extra cash on the side!

Planning and doing a small amount of shopping for each new capsule has become something I really look forward to.  I find myself barely going into shops, and when I do I can easily stick to window shopping rather than giving in and buying things.  (This is a seriously big deal for me!)

I have saved hundreds of dollars that I surely would have spent on pointless clothing pieces had I not been doing capsule wardrobes.  With a wedding to pay for, this was so important!

So many people are curious about my capsules and want to learn more.  I often get asked whether or not I'll go back to the standard way of dressing.  

The answer?  

I really can't see why I would ever want to.

Capsule wardrobes were my gateway drug for minimalism, and baby I ain't ever going back!

Have you tried capsules yet?  If not, what are you waiting for!

Use these to get started...

How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe (blog post)

Free Downloadable Capsule Planning Worksheet

How I Plan My Capsule Wardrobes (video)

Until next time,

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