Summer Capsule Wardrobe

It's summer in the city!  Ever since I returned from the Disney Wonder, Toronto has been seriously hot.  I had planned to continue wearing my cruise capsule for another month or so, but it's too warm out for that by far!  As you know, my cruise capsule wardrobe was about 50% clothing for the heat of Mexico and the Bahamas, and 50% clothing for around the ship (a highly air conditioned environment).  At this point I'm in need of a 100% warm weather wardrobe, stat!  

I'm jumping into my Summer Capsule Wardrobe which I plan to wear for June, July, and August of this year.  Let's get into it!

Summer Capsule Wardrobe // Plant Based Bride

Summers in Toronto can range from mild sunny days to extreme heat and humidity, usually averaging about 25 degrees celsius (but regularly creeping over 40).

I need a wardrobe made up of lighter weight fabrics to keep me cool and pieces that work for me time as well as work in a casual retail environment.

As always, I stuck with 40 pieces total...

Summer Capsule Wardrobe // Plant Based Bride

You may recognize some pieces from my fallwinter, and cruise capsule wardrobes in here, but I also picked up a couple fun new items!

As always, my wardrobe is almost entirely void of colour.  I like dressing in black, white, and gray for the versatility and how classy it makes me feel!  The one struggle I foresee is a lack of sandals...  I might end up replacing a pair of docs with a strappy pair if the summer gets any hotter.  I also felt the need to include a couple colder weather pieces, just in case the heat is a bit of a fluke and we go back to spring temperatures for a while.  I've been loving high waisted bottoms with crop tops lately, and you can definitely see that reflected in my capsule!  

I feel like this iteration of my capsule is a good mix of old and new with 8 new pieces and 32 standbys from my wardrobe.  For anyone interested in the pieces featured, the following is a list of exact or similar items:

TOPS (22)

  1. white snap crop
  2. white fringe crop tank
  3. white lace up tank
  4. white v neck tee
  5. off-white knit cropped tank
  6. beige tank
  7. grey cropped tank
  8. grey lace up tank
  9. eat fruit not friends tank
  10. grey crop tee
  11. grey tee
  12. long grey tee with slits
  13. long grey cardigan
  14. black crop henley tank
  15. black lace up tank
  16. black & grey reversible cami
  17. black sleeveless v-neck blouse
  18. black tank
  19. beatles tank
  20. black cropped tee
  21. black deep v neck tee
  22. black t-shirt


  1. black maxi skirt
  2. black jeans
  3. black leggings
  4. black high waisted shorts
  5. high waisted black jean shorts
  6. high waisted light wash jeans
  7. high waisted jean shorts
  8. light wash denim shorts
  9. ripped jeans


  1. white lace backless dress


  1. white eyelet chucks
  2. white floral docs
  3. black and white dotted sneakers
  4. black vegan docs
  5. black flip flops


  1. beige trench
  2. beige vest
  3. olive jacket

See my capsule in action in my Summer Capsule Wardrobe Lookbook!

Want to make your own capsule?  Check out my post on How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe and download the free capsule planning worksheet!

What are you excited to wear this summer?  Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

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