Cruise Capsule Wardrobe

Last year I spent 8 months working for the mouse.  Mickey Mouse, that is!  I completed a contract as a performer on the Disney Wonder and had a ball of a time.

The only problem?  I packed WAY too much.  To my credit, I had no idea what one should pack for 6 months at sea… but a guitar, a backpack, and two huge suitcases weighing in at over 70 lbs each?  Just a little bit of overkill.  (I did eventually get the suitcases down to under 60 lbs each, but it was painful.  And believe me, lugging those babies around in the bowels of a ship was NOT a cake-walk).

So as I prepare for my second contract, a quick month, I know I can do better.  I am a minimalist now, after all.  I have Marie Kondo on my side.  I have KonMari in my blood.  Ok, maybe I’ve taken this a bit too far…  Anyway, I am definitely better equipped this time around to pack minimally for maximal impact. 

As I still vividly remember how painful it was trying to decide what to bring and what to leave behind last fall, I thought I would take you along for the ride in the hopes that you can learn from my mistakes and be ready for any opportunity that comes your way!

Cruise Capsule Wardrobe - What to pack for a month at sea?  A capsule wardrobe of course!  //  FREE printables - packing checklist and capsule wardrobe planning worksheet! // Plant Based Bride


My Top 3 Tips for Practical Packing

Packing sucks.  

The majority of the population (including myself) hates doing it.  I know quite a few people who would rather trash all of their worldly belongings and start again rather than pack for a move.  But what about when your packing for a trip?  You’re going somewhere potentially unfamiliar, where you may be unable to purchase necessities (especially if you live an ethical lifestyle).  You need to bring the basics with you, at the very least.

So how can we make packing more palatable?  With my top 3 tips for practical packing, of course!  (Can you tell I love alliteration?  I thought so.)

Packing Tip #3 Versatility is Key - On a trip or vacation luggage space becomes premium real estate.  Do your best to pack items that do double (or triple) duty and keep to a cohesive colour palette for (nearly) infinite outfit options!  //  Plant Based Bride’s Top 3 Tips for Practical Packing
Packing Tip #2 Roll It Up - Are you a folder?  How about a ‘throw-it-all-in-and-sit-on-it’ type?  No more.  Fold your clothing in half and roll it up nice and tight to save loads of space in your suitcase!  //  Plant Based Bride’s Top 3 Tips for Practical Packing
Packing Tip #3 Keep a KonMari Mindset - Does it being joy?  Is it a tool?  If not, why are you lugging it around with you on vacation?  If you don’t need it or love it, get it out of there!  //  Plant Based Bride’s Top 3 Tips for Practical Packing

I also created a Packing Checklist to help you remember every important item!  


Building a Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is a small, intentional, daily wardrobe made up of pieces you love, fit you and your lifestyle, and all work together.  

I wrote a detailed post explaining the capsule concept as well as a thorough how-to for building your own, go read it HERE, get familiar, then come back and read on!

If you’re already on the capsule wardrobe train (Hi, my name’s Elizabeth.  Let’s be best friends.) I’ll get right into my streamlined capsule process!

To begin the curation process for my third capsule wardrobe I sat down, asked myself a few simple questions, and put pen to paper.  Here are the 7 questions and my responses to help you get a fuller picture of the process:

  1. How long will I wear this capsule? One month.
  2. What will the weather be like?  Temperatures ranging from 20-30 degrees celsius, mostly sunny, possible rain.
  3. What will my typical day look like? (Consider formality, dress codes, activity level and type)  Exercise and rehearsals (requiring active wear), time spent in crew areas and in my cabin, time spent in guest areas (comply to dress code), time spent at the beach and swimming, time spent in port.
  4. What types of special events and activities will I be participating in? Crew events, special events in guest areas.
  5. 3 words that describe my ideal style: Minimal, Neutral, Light
  6. What kind of outfits do I love/inspire me?  Pin em! Capsule and Style Pinterest boards
  7. What is my colour palette? Black, white, grey, and beige (neutrals) with a few pops of colour and pattern

Want to use these questions to build your next capsule?  Use the form below to join the Plant Based Bride community and get your download link for the free printable!

Once I answered these questions, it was time to shop my closet!


The Cruise Capsule

Cruise Capsule Wardrobe // Plant Based Bride

You may recognize some pieces from my fall and winter capsule wardrobes in here, but there are also some exciting new items!

With warm weather on the horizon, I turned my focus to lighter pieces - both in weight and colour.  While black is and always will be a staple colour in my wardrobe, white, grey, and shades of beige have made their mark on this capsule.  I also brought back a touch of colour and pattern that was completely lacking from my winter collection as statement pieces that stand out on the backdrop of neutrality.

As you saw in my answers to the planning questions, I was hoping for a minimalist, neutral, and light feel in my capsule.  Flowy fabrics, long cuts, draping, and soft tailoring pull everything together for me.

For anyone interested in the pieces featured, the following is a list of exact or similar items:

TOPS (16)

  1. white tee - aritzia
  2. white v neck tee - urban outfitters
  3. white button down - anthropologie
  4. beige trench - similar
  5. beige vest - similar
  6. long grey cardigan - similar
  7. grey cropped tank - brandy melville
  8. long grey tee with slits - similar
  9. grey tee - aritzia
  10. black & grey reversible cami - similar
  11. black sleeveless swing blouse - zara
  12. black sleeveless v neck blouse - aritzia
  13. black deep v neck tee - similar
  14. black t-shirt - aritzia
  15. black blazer - similar
  16. black cropped tee - similar


  1. black track pants - gap 
  2. black maxi skirt - brandy melville
  3. a-line skirt - american apparel
  4. high waisted jeans - urban outfitters
  5. high waisted shorts - similar


  1. blue maxi dress - similar
  2. tropical purple dress with jacket - similar


  1. white sneakers - vans
  2. beige heels - similar
  3. beige flats - similar
  4. black and white dotted sneakers - native shoes
  5. black oxfords - aldo
  6. black flip flops - havaianas

I have to say that I am absolutely LOVING building and wearing capsule wardrobes.  This is becoming a way of life.  I’m hoping to progress to the point where I can let go of everything not including in the past 4 capsules (not worn in a year) and reduce my entire wardrobe to under 175 pieces total!  (That may sound like a lot to you, but to me that’s TINY!  I started out with over 500 EASY before my KonMari purge!)

I am so excited to try out the capsule model while working at sea, it feels like the perfect time to utilize this kind of dressing as you’re already limited by what you can fit in your luggage.

Well, my bags are packed.  I have a backpack, my guitar, and one suitcase weighing 57 lbs (darn having to pack enough vegan and cruelty-free skin care, hair care, and body care for a month!) and I have to say I am very pleased.  I don't claim to be the perfect minimalist.  I definitely don't have it yet.  But it feels so good to be on my way!

What would are the three words you would use to describe your ideal wardrobe?

Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

Cruise Capsule Wardrobe

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