Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Winter is here and that means it's finally time to reveal my second capsule wardrobe!  I had a lot of fun with my Fall Capsule and loved putting together this wardrobe, armed with months of capsule experience.  (Learn how to build a capsule wardrobe here!)  Some of my choices last time just didn't get worn, so I'm hoping to make wiser picks in my Winter Capsule that can handle the range of weather conditions and temperatures that Toronto winters throw at us Torontonians!

See my neutral winter capsule wardrobe for 2016 and check out my fall capsule recap!  Vegan and minimalist fashion <3

First things first, I promised I would review my first ever capsule wardrobe experience!

F A L L   C A P S U L E   W A R D R O B E   R E C A P

Neutral, vegan fall capsule wardrobe!

T H E   G O O D.

  • I LOVED the capsule wardrobe experience and never want to go back to the standard closet explosion of earlier years!
  • The neutrals meant that almost every item went with everything else, which made getting ready so much faster!
  • I loved the minimal and neutral style I curated for myself.
  • I really enjoyed the challenge to create different combinations from the same pieces for the 3 months.  Go check out my instagram to see what I put together!
  • This experience made me realize that I can downsize my wardrobe even more than I did during my KonMari minimizing spree, which is super exciting for a clothing hoarder like me!
  • The majority of my clothes were super comfortable which was AWESOME.

T H E   B A D.

  • My tall black boots broke the first time I tried to wear them.  Yeah.
  • I barely wore the dressier items I included - the two white button downs and the deep v neck long sleeve tops in black and white.  My day to day and work environments are very casual and I had barely any opportunities to dress up, other than auditions.  Since audition wear isn't included in my capsule I just didn't need these items!
  • The dress pants, track pants, and green jeans I included are cropped and it was often too cold to wear them, despite wanting to.

T H E   U G L Y.

  • I definitely didn't include enough clothing for cold weather - it got VERY cold in December and I had to go outside of my capsule to keep warm enough with more layers and heavier sweaters.  This is a tough problem in Toronto where fall weather goes from summer heat to winter chill on a day to day basis.  I hope next year I can find a better balance!

And now time for my winter capsule wardrobe reveal...

Minimal, neutral, vegan winter capsule wardrobe for 2016!  Check out the blog for the details of each item and for my fall capsule wardrobe recap!

Once again I'm sticking to an almost entirely neutral palette.  I considered including a plaid shirt again,  but finally decided against it.  Only time will tell if I regret that decision!  

I did a lot of thinking and planning around layering options, since the temperature in Toronto ranges quite a bit.  I also work in a store that can go from freezing to boiling to freezing again within any give day, so I need to be able to take off and put on layers easily!  I'm hoping that I have enough of each layering category to keep me going until the end of March, I actually increased the number of tops in my capsule from 18 to 27(!) so hopefully I've covered all of the bases!

I'm also excited about my new vegan coat (see my unboxing video here) as it's black (surprise surprise), super warm, and very comfortable!  20 points to HoodLamb for making an awesome winter jacket.  I plan on doing a detailed review after I've had a bit longer with it!

Just like last time, I'll share where I bought everything if you're interested in picking up a couple of the pieces.   Once again, a little disclaimer.  As I am an ethical vegan, I do not endorse purchasing any items made from or by animals.  A couple of these pieces I purchased before my transition to veganism, and are therefore not in line with my current beliefs.  If you are interested in my take on wearing products made from or by animals as a vegan, and why I continue to wear some of my old pieces, check out the post HERE.  I won't be linking to items containing animal products but will instead link to a similar item made with vegan materials.  I hope you understand and respect why I am choosing to do this!  Also, some of the items were given to me or I purchased long enough ago that they are no longer available.  In those cases I will link to something similar, or the same item in a different colour!

Alright, here we go!

TOPS (27)

  1. white cami - similar
  2. white flowy cami - aritzia
  3. white tank - similar
  4. white tee - aritzia
  5. white v neck tee - urban outfitters
  6. beige deep scoop cami - similar
  7. taupe waffle long sleeve - aritzia
  8. deer baseball tee - similar
  9. heavy patterned cardigan - similar
  10. grey cropped tank - brandy melville
  11. grey tank top - hollister
  12. grey tee - aritzia
  13. grey v neck long sleeve - similar
  14. grey hooded cardigan - similar
  15. grey & black baseball tee - aritzia
  16. dark grey tee - aritzia
  17. beatles tank - similar
  18. black cropped cami - similar
  19. black cami - similar
  20. black tee - aritzia
  21. black deep v neck tee - similar
  22. black henley - similar
  23. black long sleeve top - aritzia
  24. black v neck long sleeve - aritzia
  25. black cardigan - similar
  26. black pullover sweater - similar
  27. black chunky pullover sweater - similar


  1. black skinny jeans - american eagle
  2. black zippered leggings - zara 
  3. black leggings - urban outfitters
  4. black vegan leather pants - similar
  5. grey high waisted leggings - similar
  6. high waisted blue jeans - urban outfitters
  7. blue ripped jeans - similar
  8. blue jeans - anthropologie


  1. grey sweater dress - aritzia


  1. black parka - hoodlamb


  1. vegan doc martens - doc martens
  2. short black cowboy boots - similar
  3. black winter boots - nice shoes

That's it!  I'm excited to see how this capsule holds up over the next 3 months.  I will be committing to no new purchases until mid May or so, when I will be planning my spring capsule!  Check out my Style and Capsule Pinterest boards to see what I'm loving for spring as I begin looking for inspiration!

I hope you've enjoyed reading my recap and seeing my new picks for winter 2016!  I've been considering filming videos to go along with my capsule wardrobe posts, whether sit down chat style or showing the clothes on my body as more of a look book.  Let me know if you'd watch and which you'd like better!  If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know in the comments and I hope you'll consider giving capsule wardrobes a try!

Until next time,

Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Are you doing a capsule wardrobe this winter?  Leave your link below so that we can check out your picks!

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