7 Ways Pinterest is the Best Wedding Planning Tool on the Internet!

Wedding planning is much harder than I thought.  MUCH.  Let me clarify:  I never expected it to be easy.  But MAN is there a lot to do!  I was never someone who spent much time thinking about my wedding, and by extension, wedding planning.  I hadn't dreamt of my dress, picked out a location, or imagined the reception.  Until I joined Pinterest, that is.  After a few months resisting the urge to create a wedding board and letting all of the beautiful pictures float away, un-pinned, into the abyss, never to be retrieved... I gave in.  How could I not?  For the first time in my life I was thinking about what my possible-eventual-hypothetical wedding might be like, and it was REALLY fun.  But I didn't have a fiancé, or even a serious boyfriend, so I tried to keep the crazy pinning lust to a minimum.  Because who wants to date a girl with 3,000 pins on her wedding board?

Fast forward a couple years, and here I am:  engaged to be married to the love of my life, Jason, and utterly dumbfounded by the wedding planning process.  But wait, what's that I hear in the distance?  Is that fanfare?  Am I being saved by a knight in white, super-shiny, armour?  Why yes I am, and this time it's not my fiancé.  (Don't tell him I said that.)  It's Pinterest! 

  1. Inspiration is guaranteed with all of the gorgeous wedding-related pins.  It's so easy to make a mood board for your wedding with all of the elements you're looking for to keep on on track throughout the whole process!
  2. Organization is easy and tailor made to you!  Make multiple boards for different aspects of your wedding like the dress or the ceremony so that you always know where to find what you're looking for.
  3. Sharing the planning with your bridesmaids (or mom!) who are out of town is easy with group boards, where all of your friends and family can collaborate with you to make your day perfect!  
  4. Saving money is made easier by all of the fantastic wedding DIYs and budget tips at your fingertips!  Be sure to pin things you can make yourself to save $ on the bottom line of your big day.
  5. Remembering all of the little things isn't so hard with checklists, timelines, and questions to ask your vendors all in handy graphics!
  6. Keeping Track of vendors you'd like to look into is simple; just pin a photo from their website and you're good to go!
  7. Having fun is the best part!  Inject some fun into the often stressful wedding planning process and get lost for minutes (*cough* hours) in the happy land of pinning.  You'll relax AND get stuff done all at once!  Look through your board with your fiancé and watch his or her eyes light up when an image sparks their imagination for your special day is almost as magical as having a unicorn as your post-ceremony transportation.

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So there you have it, the 7 ways that Pinterest is saving my wedding-planning butt!  I hope you utilize Pinterest to its full potential during your wedding planning process and that its calming, trance-like, effect helps you to relax after a long day of budgetting, dress shopping, and flower arrangements.  Be sure to check out my wedding boards on Pinterest for some wedding-pinning inspiration!

Until next time, I'm off to pin centrepieces!


Do you use Pinterest in your wedding planning?  How do you use it most?
Not planning a wedding?  What's your number 1 favourite thing to pin on Pinterest?


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(I am not being paid to talk about how awesome I think Pinterest is.  I just actually think it's this awesome.)

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