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Q&A #4: How Did My Fiance Propose?

It's time for another Q&A video!  This time I go into detail about how Jason proposed to me, answer wedding questions, and talk about my favourite food blogs!

Q&A #4 How Did My Fiance Propose? // Plant Based Bride

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ONE 0:23 What kind of food will you have at your wedding?

TWO 0:36 What's your favourite book? (

THREE 0:43 Is your Fiance vegan and how did he propose to you?

FOUR 4:20 What's your favourite vegan meal?  (

FIVE 4:25 How often do you wear makeup?

SIX 5:55 Do you have any favourite vegan packaged foods?

SEVEN 6:10 Will your wedding be 100% vegan or a bit of both?

EIGHT 6:24 Will you raise your (eventual) kids vegan?

NINE 6:43 Will you involve your cats in the ceremony?

TEN 8:13 What are your favourite food blogs?
Oh She Glows:
The Vegan 8:
Veggie Inspired Journey:
Lazy Vegan Baker:
A Virtual Vegan:

ELEVEN 8:31 What's your favourite vegan pancake recipe?
Vegan Life-Changing Pancakes from The Vegan 8:

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