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Eco-Friendly Wedding Thank You Cards!

Welcome back for another wedding post!  As you know, Jason and I felt it was important to have an eco-friendly wedding.  The fact that all of the food eaten was vegan helped a lot in that area of course, but we wanted to do our best to make the other aspects of our wedding equally green!  Which brings us to the topic of paper products at weddings.  

Eco-Friendly Wedding Thank You Cards! // Plant Based Bride

We all know how much paper goes into a wedding... save the dates (which we did digitally to save paper)... invitations (which we also did by email to save paper)... menus (which we skipped)... signs (which I DIYed so we could reuse the frames)... programs (which we also skipped)... and so much more.

But what about thank you cards?  Something about thanking our guests for participation in the most special day of our lives by email seemed inappropriate.  And so, I went in search of eco-friendly options.

That's where Artifact Uprising comes in.  Their cards are customizable, gorgeous, well-priced, and made entirely of recycled paper!  Win-win-win, if you ask me.

Full disclosure, Artifact Uprising reached out to me and offered a gift card to purchase my wedding thank you cards from them.  All opinions are still (as always) my own!

The process of designing and ordering the cards was really easy.  The hardest part was deciding which of Mark and Melanie (our awesome photographers from Karmel Kreative)'s beautiful shots should be on the front! (See some of the others here!!)

We ended up going with this one, because I mean, look at it.  It's incredible!

Our eco-friendly vegan wedding! // Plant Based Bride

I was so excited when I got them in the mail!

Eco-Friendly Wedding Thank You Cards // Plant Based Bride

We went with the untreated brown envelopes to use fewer resources than it we would have had we purchased bleached envelopes.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Thank You Cards! // Plant Based Bride

If you take anything at all from this post, please let it be to start your thank you cards as soon as you get home.  If you're like us and you want to use photos from your wedding in the shots, you'll have to wait to get full resolution files from your photographer to order your cards.  But even if this is the case, get working on them as soon as you can.  Our lives got crazy busy right after the wedding and we ended up putting it off for far too long.  It's much better to do it right away and get it over with!

Eco-Friendly Wedding Thank You Cards! // Plant Based Bride

I got really nervous to start because I hate my handwriting.  I apologize, friends and family, if your card is illegible!  At least half of you will be getting cards written by my husband, who has much nicer handwriting than me.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Thank You Cards! // Plant Based Bride

So if you're looking for an eco-friendly card option this holiday, for a loved one's birthday, or for your wedding, check out Artifact Uprising!  I'll definitely be ordering from them again if we ever need nice custom cards.

What are your tips for throwing an eco-friendly wedding?  Let us know in the comments below!

Until next time,