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How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Date!

So you're engaged.  Congratulations!  Let the planning begin.  But how much time do you have to check everything off your list?  Choosing the wedding date is one of the very first things you and your fiancé should do.  But how do you decide?  Read on for the 5 things you can do to narrow the options down to a single, perfect, day!

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The Ultimate Wedding Planning Timeline!

This week Jason and I celebrated our one year anniversary, which means we're now less than a year away from our wedding!  While this makes me incredibly excited (I might have squealed for a second...) it also makes me more than a bit nervous.  Only a year until our wedding??  How could we possibly get everything done?  What needs to be tackled first?  What do I do??  But luckily, being the organized bride-to-be that I am, I'd already compiled a list of tasks to get done before the wedding a couple of weeks after our engagement.  Once I'd listed everything that came to mind I headed to Pinterest and searched for "wedding planning timeline".  I then proceeded to repin every search result and add anything I'd missed to my list.  By the end of a couple of hours I had a pretty comprehensive list, and I realized that other engaged couples may benefit from it!  So here it is, the ultimate wedding planning timeline to keep you organized right up until your big day!

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How Much Wedding Can You Afford? Choosing The Big Number for Your Big Day

Weddings cost a lot.  A whole lot.  A put-away-every-extra-penny-for-your-entire-engagement-and-only-eat-rice-and-beans-and-don't-buy-anything-that-could-be-considered-a-want lot.  When I read that the average wedding in Canada costs over $31,000 I got very close to giving up and eloping with Jason right then and there (we were in Costa Rica, after all.  Not a bad locale if you ask me.)  But I have always dreamed of a wedding including my closest and dearest, and so had he.  We decided to stick it out and go with a traditional wedding.  But at what cost?

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7 Ways Pinterest is the Best Wedding Planning Tool on the Internet!

Wedding planning is much harder than I thought.  MUCH.  Let me clarify:  I never expected it to be easy.  But MAN is there a lot to do!  I was never someone who spent much time thinking about my wedding, and by extension, wedding planning.  I hadn't dreamt of my dress, picked out a location, or imagined the reception.  Until I joined Pinterest, that is.  After a few months resisting the urge to create a wedding board and letting all of the beautiful pictures float away, un-pinned, into the abyss, never to be retrieved... I gave in.  How could I not?  For the first time in my life I was thinking about what my possible-eventual-hypothetical wedding might be like, and it was REALLY fun.  But I didn't have a fiancé, or even a serious boyfriend, so I tried to keep the crazy pinning lust to a minimum.  Because who wants to date a girl with 3,000 pins on her wedding board?

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