Bullet Journal Update

I'm excited to finally do the much anticipated bujo update post!  Bullet journalling has become an integral part of my life and organization strategy.  I never go anywhere without my planner, and I am constantly thinking of new uses for it and ways to make it better!

I started a brand new bullet journal while I was on the ship (my third to date!  See my first one here) and got to introduce some friends to the concept - as exciting for me as it was for them!

I can't wait to share my most recent iteration with you!  I've put my heart and soul into it (yes I know it's only a planner and this is ridiculous but BUJO IS LIFE) and I'm so pleased with how it's turning out!

Ok, enough blabber.  Let's go!

Bullet Journal Update + Tour! // Plant Based Bride // Bujo

If you're new to the concept of a bullet journal I suggest you check out my post on how to build your own first to get the basics!

Ok, you can either watch the video (here or on YouTube) or go through the post I've put together, full of pictures!  Or, you know, do both.  I'm 100% enabling your bujo addiction.

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For my notebook I am using a hardcover moleskin, which I reluctantly chose over the May Designs notebooks I have been using from the start of my bujo journey.  As I mentioned in the video, May Designs notebooks just don't have enough pages for me.  I would create some gorgeous spreads and then run out of pages for weekly planning and have to start all over!

Bullet Journal Update + Tour! // Plant Based Bride // Bujo

So far I'm loving how durable this notebook is, and I don't mind the classic black over a more loud pattern as I've had in the past.  It has 200 grid pages, which are my favourite for bullet journalling along with dot grids!

On a day to day basis I only carry my journal and my 4-colour bic pen for writing in my calendar and weekly pages.  I leave the gorgeous Staedtler coloured pencils that Jason bought me at home for relaxing colouring when I get home from my day (and night) jobs!

Bullet Journal Update + Tour! // Staedtler Coloured Pencils // Plant Based Bride // Bujo

The first page you see is my 2016 year at a glance.  It was important to me to be able to see dates in advance for long-term planning, especially with my wedding coming up in September!

Bullet Journal Update + Tour! // Year at a glance / Long-term planning // Plant Based Bride // Bujo

On the opposite page is my index for easy reference.

Bullet Journal Update + Tour! // Index // Plant Based Bride // Bujo

Then we come to the key (across from an empty page on hold to be page 2 of the index at some future date).  My key has morphed quite a bit since I started, though the bones are still there.  I feel very comfortable with the format now as I've found the sweet spot - not so many icons as to get confusing, but enough to keep things separated and organized.

Bullet Journal Update + Tour! // Key // Plant Based Bride // Bujo

And here is my very first attempt at a mandala (be kind!)

Bullet Journal Update + Tour! // Mandala // Plant Based Bride // Bujo

The next spread is all about life goals and tasks... 

Bullet Journal Update + Tour! // Life To Do // Plant Based Bride // Bujo
Bullet Journal Update + Tour! // Life Goals // Plant Based Bride // Bujo

I loved the rainbow banners I used for the titles so much I used them again for the next spread!

Bullet Journal Update + Tour! // Blog To Do // Plant Based Bride // Bujo
Bullet Journal Update + Tour! // Blog Goals // Plant Based Bride // Bujo

Next up is another spread for my blog - a list of blog post and video ideas on the left and a simple editorial calendar on the right.

Bullet Journal Update + Tour! // Blog Content Ideas // Plant Based Bride // Bujo

I write out all of the posts and videos for each week in pencil until they're published, then I rewrite them in pen.  This way I have more flexibility to move things around!

Bullet Journal Update + Tour! // Blog Editorial Calendar // Plant Based Bride // Bujo

Next up is one of my absolute favourite spreads - my wedding planning timeline!  This is the same one in my wedding planning timeline post, if you're interested in the specific tasks!

Bullet Journal Update + Tour! // Wedding planning spread // Plant Based Bride // Bujo
Bullet Journal Update + Tour! // Wedding planning timeline // Plant Based Bride // Bujo

My second favourite spread is my reading list!  A bookshelf that gets filled up and coloured in as I read...

Bullet Journal Update + Tour! // Reading List // Plant Based Bride // Bujo

Next up is mine and Jason's cleaning schedule for the house, and my blog and social media publishing schedule!

Bullet Journal Update + Tour! // Cleaning Schedule + Blog Publishing Schedule // Plant Based Bride // Bujo

One of my favourite parts of using a blank notebook for my bullet journal is spreading my monthly calendars throughout my bujo.  Having only a page or two to flip to get between the week and month views rather than returning to the front repeatedly is a nice change, and drawing the calendar myself is oddly relaxing!

Bullet Journal Update + Tour! // Monthly Calendar Spread // Plant Based Bride // Bujo

Lastly there's my habit tracking spread.  I love this one since it allows me to keep up with daily tasks without having to rewrite them every day!

Bullet Journal Update + Tour! // Habit Tracker // Plant Based Bride // Bujo
Bullet Journal Update + Tour! // Habit Tracker // Plant Based Bride // Bujo

There you have it, my newest bullet journal as it stands today!

Want more bujo inspiration?  Check out my Pinterest board!

Do you have a bullet journal or another type of planner?  Tell me about it in the comments!

Until next time,

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