5 Favourite Vegan Restaurants in Toronto

Whether you live in Toronto (Hey, neighbour!) or are just visiting, it's always great to get restaurant recommendations from a friend rather than using ye olde google search and hoping for the best.  Having lived in Toronto for my entire vegan life (except for 6 months on a cruise ship!) I've found a couple places that I love to take family and friends when they're in town or my fiancé on a date!  Since I consider you a true friend, I thought I'd share my favourite places to get my nom on in the big Canadian city, free of charge!  (Aren't I a gem?)

5. Grasshopper, 310 College Street, $$

A tiny little casual dinning spot on college, Grasshopper is a nice place to grab lunch with a friend or a quick dinner!  They have lots of yummy and innovative dishes to try, which means it always takes an hour for me to order.  Sorry, Jason.  I tried the Mushroom N' Rice Bowl recently and loved it!  Be warned, they do have one or two items that are only vegetarian, but they are clearly marked on the menu.  They also have a number of gluten and soy-free options, allowing everyone to enjoy their tasty creations!

4. Apiecalypse Now, 735 Bloor Street West, $$  

Craving pizza?  No problem!  Drop into Apiecalypse now for some vegan comfort food including, you guessed it, donuts!  (Ok, maybe you didn't guess it.  But a one stop shop for vegan pizza AND donuts?  Sign me up!)  They currently don't offer gluten free crusts for their pizzas BUT they deliver to many parts of Toronto, so that makes up for it, yes?  They're located right on Bloor for your convenience.

3. Live Organic Food Bar, 264 Dupont Street / 134 Atlantic Avenue, $$

Completely vegan, gluten free, organic, and sugar free, Live Organic Food Bar's menu is full of delicious plant-based goodness!  They have two locations, in the Annex and in Liberty village.  They offer quite a few raw dishes, so raw foodies out there you'll love Live!  They also indicate which dishes are nut free, for those who avoid nuts in their diet.  I used to eat here all of the time when I lived a 5 minute walk away from the Annex location and loved trying something new every single time!  Definitely check them out if you're nearby.

2. Fresh, 326 Bloor Street West / 894 Queen Street West / 147 Spadina Avenue / 90 Eglinton Avenue East, $$

With 4 locations, Fresh is always a convenient option.  I first began eating at Fresh as a vegetarian in 2012 and have frequented it ever since!  They have a huge menu with lots of variety that pleases vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike.  I love grabbing the green detox smoothie and the macro greens bowl for a quick healthy meal!  While they aren't completely gluten free, they have quite a few gluten free options.  (I was gluten free and vegan for about 6 months and found it very easy to eat at Fresh.)  Also, their entire menu is vegan BUT they do offer some non-vegan add-ons such as cheese and honey.  

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1. Urban Herbivore, 967 College Street / Kensington Market - 64 Oxford Street / Eaton Centre - 220 Yonge Street, $

Plant based whole foods are made delicious and affordable at Urban Herbivore!  They are peanut free and have many gluten free options.  They source their ingredients from local farmers and offer to-go packaging made with biodegradable materials.  What I love most about them is the option to create your own custom bowl, but I can't forget to mention how DELICIOUS their sandwiches are!  If you stop by their location in Kensington you will probably spot me fuelling up for a grocery shop and listening to the Rich Roll podcast :)

So there you have it, 5 of my favourite vegan restaurants in Toronto to check out whether you live here or are just on a visit!  I have a very long list of restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops to check out or revisit before I recommend them to you, so stay tuned for further updates on this list.

Until next time,

Plant Based Bride

What's your favourite vegan restaurant in Toronto?  Let me know in the comments below!  Never been to Toronto?  No problem! Where do you get your vegan restaurant fix in your hometown?

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