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2016 Reading List

Hello friends!  

I'll be honest with you, I have always been a voracious reader.  But in 2015?  Not so much.  I had so much going on working at sea, getting engaged, moving, starting my blog, getting two new jobs, and two kittens, that reading took a backseat to the craziness that was my life!  But 2016 is going to be different.  No matter what life throws my way I'm going to make reading a priority.

There is almost nothing else I find as inspiring as reading a good book.  They allows me to relax, escape, learn, and keep my mind sharp.  They are my safe, cozy, happy place.  And who doesn't want to be more safe, cozy, and happy?

That's what I thought.

So without further ado, my 2016 reading list!

2016 Reading List from Plant Based Bride (and 2015's greatest gems!)




Métaphysique des tubes par Amélie Nothomb


And there you have it: the nineteen books I'd like to read in 2016!

I'm cheating a bit here at the end to recommend a couple of the best books of the few I did manage to read in 2015.  They are life-changing, incredible books.  Do yourself a favour and order/download them now!

This book is a serious game changer.  I took pages of notes while reading it and am excited to begin putting the strategies into effect in my life!

This one is in the same vein as The Slight Edge, but talks more about the actions than the philosophy or purpose behind them.  I think they really complement each other!

If you follow my blog at all you already know that this book has made a huge impact on me this year, virtually launching my shift to minimalism! It has inspired many posts on the blog such as:

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And many more!

This book asks that you open your mind and look at the world objectively.  It's a masterpiece that EVERYONE should read.  

If you've already read it, did you know there's a sequel?

Also a definite must-read!

And last, but certainly not least:

A classic for a reason.

What's on your 2016 reading list?  What were your favourite reads of 2015?  I want to know!  Let me (and everyone else!) know in the comments below.

Until next time,

2016 Reading List // Plant Based Bride