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What I Eat In A Day on The Potato Diet

Today I'm sharing a short video of a typical day of what I ate on the potato diet!  Let me know if you're interested in a recap video talking about my experience.  It was an eye-opening 10 days!

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The Potato Cleanse (Potatoes Gonna Potate)

All hail the great potato!

Ever heard of the 'Potato Cleanse' or the 'Potato Diet'?

I'm embarking on a 10-day challenge to eat a majority of my calories from potatoes.  Because, potatoes gonna potate, am I right?

Potatoes are incredible.  They have sustained populations through severe famine.  They are a staple in my whole foods plant based diet.  They are packed with nutrients.  And they are delicious.

What could be better than ten days of mostly potatoes?

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