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Q&A #2: Should animals be used in the military and police force?


It's time for another Q&A!  Don't forget to leave your own questions in the comments below :)

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ONE Is it enough to eat properly to be vegan, or do you also have to forgo leather, wool, silk, etc.?  (0:14)

TWO What are your thoughts on the “If Meat Eaters Talked Like Vegans” video?  (1:44)

THREE What is your workout routine?  (3:24)

FOUR What do you eat before and after your morning workout?  (4:27)

FIVE Was are your thoughts on service dogs and police dogs?  (5:37)

SIX How do you keep and organize recipes?  (9:21)

SEVEN Favourite vegan handbag brands?  (10:18)

EIGHT Tips for a college student trying to be vegan?  (11:51)



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Q&A #2 Should animals be used in the military and police force?