Let's Help Canada #BeCrueltyFree!

This is incredible news!  #BeCrueltyFree is finally making its way to Canada.  The Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act has been introduced in Canada's Senate as of June 18th, 2015!

Canada is on it's way to prohibiting animal testing for cosmetics!  Let's help Canada #BeCrueltyFree by signing a petition of support and spreading the word!

What is the #BeCrueltyFree campaign?

The #BeCrueltyFree campaign is a global initiative by Humane Society International to end all animal testing for cosmetics.

Due in large part to this campaign, animal testing in the cosmetics industry has been banned in New Zealand, Norway, India, Israel, and across the European Union.  There are also a number of countries approaching this conclusion including the United States, Brazil, Australia, Taiwan, South Korea, and now Canada!

Learn more about #BeCrueltyFree here!

What is the Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act?

The Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act (Bill S-234) is a Senate Public Bill that was sponsored by Senator Carolyn Stewart Olsen.  Its goal is to amend the Food and Drugs Act to "prohibit cosmetic animal testing and the sale of cosmetics developed or manufactured using cosmetic animal testing in Canada."

Read Bill S-234 here!

What does this mean?  It means that if this bill passes no cosmetics will be tested on animals in Canada and no products contain ingredients that have been newly tested on animals in other countries will be sold within our borders.  It's about time!

Humane Society International's director of research and toxicology, Troy Seidle, said: “Today is an historic day for animals in Canada thanks to Senator Stewart Olsen’s leadership in championing this progressive legislation. We look forward to working with Senator Stewart Olsen and our national industry to make Canada the next country to #BeCrueltyFree.”

Why should we care?

I don't know about you, but I care about the other living beings on this planet.  Not only will I not contribute to animal suffering of any kind, I also want to help end it for good.  More than 100,000 animals suffer and die each and every year due to animal testing for the cosmetics industry.  This can not be allowed to continue!

Bunnies, guinea pigs, mice, rats, and hamsters are shaved to have chemicals rubbed on their bare skin, have chemicals dripped into their eyes, and are force fed huge amounts of a chemical to determine the fatal dose.  These tests can (and often do) lead to birth defects, blindness, intense pain, convulsions, internal bleeding, organ damage, and death.

They are not given any form of pain relief and at the end of the test they will be killed (often by asphyxiation, having their neck broken, or decapitation). 

Learn more about the cruelty and scientific limitations of animal testing here.

What can I do to help?

I'm glad you asked!  There are many things you can do to help end animal cruelty.

First off, head over and sign the petition to support the Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act!

(p.s. This is still an ongoing issue as of November 2016 - don't forget to sign the petition above to convince our government to do better!  If Taiwan can do it, we can do it!)

Next, share this post on facebook, twitter, google +, instagram, and anywhere else you can think of to get the word out!  Click the little icon to the right of the heart at the bottom of this post to share everywhere!  Also be sure to tell your friends, family, and coworkers about the petition to get as much support as we can.

Also, start buying cruelty free makeup!  Get started even before the bill is passed and send a message with your $$ that we only want cruelty-free beauty in Canada!  Check out my list of cruelty-free beauty brands to get started and take a look at the resources I link in that post for reviews of the many cruelty-free brands on the market!

Last but definitely not least, go vegan!  I have a multitude of posts on the benefits of veganism, not only for the animals, but for our health and for the environment!  Take a gander and consider going plant-based to truly end your contribution to animal-cruelty!

10 Reasons to Go Vegan!

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The Truth About The Dairy Industry

We are entering a new and kinder age and I am so excited to be here to experience it!

Until next time,

The Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act has been introduced in the Canadian Senate!

I signed the petition.  Have you?  I want to know in the comments!

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