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We Got Kittens!

Yes, that's right, Jason and I got kittens.  Not just one, but two!  They're brother and sister and they're utter sweethearts.  We've been talking about getting a cat for about a year now, and after seeing our little guys at Team Cat Rescue we knew we'd found our match!  We had only intended to get one kitten, but they have a policy that kittens must be adopted in pairs.  Now I can't imagine only having one!  They get along so well and yet have such individual personalities, and watching them play together is one of the cutest things I've ever seen!

We got kittens!!! Check out the post for pictures and videos of our little angels :)

The little boy is Chewy, and he's a black medium hair domestic with white patches on his chest and tummy!

This is the first time I ever held him and I was melting inside...

Me and Chewy the very first time I held him! See more of our new kittens at!

And his sister is Miss Yoda, a black shorthair.  And this is why we called her yoda...

Little miss Yoda!  Check out the post to see more pictures and videos of our new kittens!

They're about 6 weeks old and are so so so sweet!  Jason and I have definitely already fallen in love.  

Meet our new kittens on the blog!
Meet our new kittens on the blog!
Meet our new kittens on the blog!

I took a couple videos leading up to going to get them and I've taken quite a few since they got home.  Check them out below, if you like!

And now I'm off to go cuddle with my kitties!

Until next time,

Meet our new kittens on the blog!
Meet our new kittens on the blog!

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