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#SelfCareSaturday: Preventing and Recovering from Activist Burnout

With today's Women's March totalling more than 2.9 million participants in the US alone, I felt it was important to explore ways to prevent and recover from activist burnout.

Preventing and Recovering from Activist Burnout and Fatigue // #SelfCareSaturday // Plant Based Bride

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1. Nurture Yourself

2. Take a Break

3. Find Community
I have a facebook group for new vegans.  Send me an email to if you'd like to join!

4. Release Responsibility

5. Spend Time With Animals

6. Celebrate the Small Things

7. Hold on to Positivity

8. Remember the To Do the Things You Love

9. Remember Your Allies

10. Reach Out


I hope this episode can help you prevent or recover from activist burnout or fatigue.  Don't forget to go download your FREE copy of the #SelfCareSaturday workbook here

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