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#SelfCareSaturday Episode 3: Surviving The Holidays

The holidays can be really tough.  Let's get into some tips for surviving the holiday season, no matter what gets thrown at you!

#SelfCareSaturday Episode 3: Surviving The Holidays // Plant Based Bride

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ONE  Breathe.

TWO  Keep your priorities in mind.

THREE  Schedule your time wisely.

FOUR  Respect your budget.

FIVE  Listen to your body.

SIX  Practice one in, one out.

SEVEN  Treat yourself to cozy alone time.

EIGHT  Take a (real) break from work and the internet.

NINE  Spend time with furry friends.

TEN  Don’t expect too much of your family.

ELEVEN  Make a gratitude list.

TWELVE  Spend quality time with the people you love.

THIRTEEN  Take joy in the act of giving.

FOURTEEN  Take time to be creative.

FIFTEEN  Let go of perfection.

SIXTEEN  Remember that abundance is a feeling.

SEVENTEEN  Avoid topics that are sure to cause fights.

EIGHTEEN  Make yourself a vegan ‘safe zone’.

NINETEEN  Don’t hold grudges.

TWENTY  Smile.

TWENTY ONE  Set goals for 2017.

TWENTY TWO  Don’t feel guilty about regifting.

TWENTY THREE  Volunteer or donate to a good cause.

TWENTY FOUR  Put yourself first.

Remember to never feel guilty about taking care of yourself.  If you don’t make your mental health a priority, who will?  Go download your FREE #SelfCareSaturday workbook here!

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