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Potato Diet Results

I ate potatoes for ten days.  Did I turn into a giant potato?  Let's find out!

Potato Diet Results // Plant Based Bride

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My Potato Diet Experience:

  • You need to eat a lot more than I expected - potatoes and other non-starchy vegetables are not very calorie dense!
  • I missed fruit.  A lot.
  • Eating potatoes for breakfast is kind of amazing
  • I’m going to keep incorporating potatoes as my main starch
  •  I was hungrier in the morning and ate pretty big french fry breakfasts to compensate
  • Potatoes are very satiating
  • I didn’t weigh or measure myself, but it looks like I may have lost a little bit of weight
  • My skin cleared up considerably!
  • I was bloated for the first couple of days after my meals, but then the bloating went away.
  • I had a great experience and would definitely do it again!

Have you ever tried a potato cleanse?  What was your experience?  I would love to hear about it!

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