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Decluttering My Shoe Collection

Today I'm taking you along with me as I declutter my shoes!  I have already gone through my shoes and minimized my collection twice before, but there were still shoes lingering that I never wore.  

It's time to change that!

Decluttering My Shoe Collection // Plant Based Bride

I've cut out a good number of shoes to be donated and also have a good number in my maybe pile - shoes that will get a chance to stay, but if they don't get worn in the first few weeks of the season they're suited to they're out!

I don't think I'll ever be the kind of minimalist to only have one pair of shoes.  Probably not even ten, at least not while living in Canada with four pretty extreme seasons!  But I know I can get my collection even smaller than where it is now.  I hope this video helps any of you looking to minimize your shoe collection without going too extreme!

As always, watch the video here or on YouTube!

I'm proud of letting go of 15 pairs, and can see getting down another 10 or so over the next 6 months as I filter through my maybes.

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