15 Weird Things I Do Now That I'm Vegan

I got the idea for this post from Matt Frazier of No Meat Athlete on his podcast.  Check it out here!

In the interest of transparency, I feel it's important to mention that I've always been weird.  This isn't some kind of new thing.  Just ask Jason.  I'm an introvert, but when you get to know me well?  All bets are off!   I'm an incredibly opinionated and creative person, and like what I like no matter how "weird" or "nerdy" other people may think those things are.  I make big expressive faces and voices, love to sing all day long, and love Doctor Who.  And while it may seem that there isn't much room for more weirdness from there, I definitely got weirder when I went vegan.  Much weirder.  Keep reading as I confess all and tell you the 15 weird things that I've started doing since going vegan!

ONE I sometimes go an entire day only eating bananas. 

Not only that, but I like 'em good and spotty.

TWO I read the ingredient list on everything.  Twice.

Food?  I read the ingredient list.  Toothpaste?  I read the ingredient list.  Clothes?  I read the materials list.  All day long, every day.

THREE I spend exorbitant amounts of time reading books, watching documentaries, listening to podcasts, and watching you tube videos about veganism, nutrition, animal rights, and the environment.

I am on a constant hunt for more information about the vegan lifestyle and the state of our planet.  All of my curiosity and interest that was fostered in school has been transferred to this one, infinitely fascinating, interrelated group of subjects.

FOUR I eat sriracha on everything.

Mushrooms, rice cakes, pita bread, rice, pasta, tofu scramble, salad... you name it, I'll sriracha it.

FIVE I love tempeh, tofu, and seitan.

And other things that make my parents go "Huh?"

SIX I eat huge portions, especially of fruit and salad!

That family size salad bowl?  I'll have two, thanks.  One apple for breakfast?  Uh... no.  How about 5.

SEVEN I cross the street to avoid shops with meat in the window.

And I don't shop at grocery stores with lots of animal flesh on display.  It's gross and upsetting and smells horrific.

EIGHT I bring food with me pretty much everywhere.

Tupperware full of beans and rice?  Check.  A bunch of bananas?  Check.  Rice cakes and a mini bottle of sriracha?  Double check!

NINE I love green smoothies with odd ingredients!

The more gross it sounds to the average Joe, the more I want it in my belly.

TEN I can order off the average menu in less than a minute, but it takes me forever to decide at a vegan restaurant.

What?  I have more than one option that needs to be modified by removing half of the ingredients to be vegan?  This is going to take a while...  

*30 minutes later*

I'll get the Tempeh Quinoa bowl.  Wait!  No, the Mushroom Risotto.  But what about the soup!  

*another 20 minutes later*

IDON'TKNOW...AHH...How do normal people do this everyday?? 

ELEVEN I love salad without salad dressing.

Give me all them raw, plain veggies!

TWELVE I can talk about veganism for hours and hours and still have more to say.

And that's why I started this blog.  (Duh.)

THIRTEEN I've become a bit of a hermit.  

I avoid situations in which I'll be around lots of animal products.  It's hard to have fun when you're surrounded by dead flesh.  Or is that just me?

FOURTEEN I use coconut oil for everything.

It's figuratively a miracle!

FIFTEEN I dislike almost all junk food.

Seriously.  All I want is fresh produce all day everyday.

And there you have it.  The 15 ways I'm weirder than I was two and a half years ago.  And that's really saying something!

Until next time,


What weird things did you start doing when you went vegan?  I want to hear them all!  Write to me in the comments below or on social media.  

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