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If you're like most people at this time of year, it's likely you're trying to nail down your 2016 New Years Resolutions.  And it's likely that somewhere on your list of goals is weight loss, improved energy, improved health, less impact on the environment, more time and effort dedicated to helping others, or maybe all five!  Let me tell you a secret:  going vegan allows you to do all of these things.  That's where Veganuary comes into the picture!

There's still time to sign up for Veganuary!  Make all of your New Year's Resolutions a reality by going vegan for the month of January (and beyond!)

Instead of making many resolutions, and making it hard on yourself to stay on track on all of them, why not make one resolution which will help you to achieve many (or all) of your goals?

Going VEGAN for the month of January will...

  • help you to lose weight more effortlessly;
  • reduce your impact on the environment more than giving up your car;
  • improve your health by reducing cholesterol, improving digestion, and reducing the intake of carcinogens;
  • make you a kinder person who puts others first;
  • increase your energy and feelings of well-being;
  • perhaps even inspire you to make a more permanent change to the most compassionate way of living on Earth!

I suggest you go to to learn more about going vegan for the month of January and to sign up for the challenge.  Think of it as a test-drive to see how going vegan can impact your life - I promise you will notice many of the benefits very quickly!

Look out for my next post with tips and tricks for going vegan to help you crush Veganuary!  In the meantime, be sure to subscribe to the weekly Plant Based Bride newsletter for your FREE copy of the Vegan 101 info booklet!

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Are you going to sign up for Veganuary this year?  I want to hear about it in the comments!

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