My Dream Closet

I love Instagram and Pinterest.  They allow me to live vicariously through those living the lifestyle I aspire to.  A minimal home, financial security, and great style are all things I hope to someday lay claim to.

When I recently came across MakeSpace and their new "dream closet" idea, I was really excited to make a vision board of sorts for my very own minimal and beautiful closet!

Why don't you come along for a virtual tour?

My Dream Closet // Plant Based Bride

Colour Scheme

You know me, black and white all the way.  White walls, an industrial concrete floor, and a plain white rug set the stage for my closet dream.

white walls

I don't dream of a massive space - a medium size room will do nicely.

High ceilings and a wall of windows along with some vintage lightbulbs bring the industrial minimalism together.

white window
image from who what wear

image from who what wear

Of course, I always love a little hint of life - so a large plant or two bring in that tiny touch of colour which is otherwise absent.

airy minimalism with loads of greenery

And an oversized mirror leans on one wall, reflecting the space.

image from who what wear

image from who what wear


I love to look at my clothes.  I spend the time curating my capsule wardrobes and they become an external representation of where I am in my life.  The clothes I wear on a day to day basis would be displayed on two simple clothing racks, in a gradient from light to dark.  

image from remodelista

image from remodelista

A simple chest holds my off season clothing, and a small modern chest of drawers holds my undergarments and accessories.

clothing rack with vintage chest
minimal vanity
minimalist drawers

A small white vanity by the window displays my favourite makeup and jewellery pieces and is the perfect place to get ready in the morning.


My clothing pieces are all ethically sourced and vegan, from fair trade factories and made with sustainable materials.  They are made to last.

Simple cuts in black, white, and gray are matched in infinite combinations.

minimalist fashion // black on black
desaturated fashion // minimalist fashion
classic minimalist fashion
black, white, and gray capsule

A classic white tee.  Black skinny jeans.  A chunky grey sweater.  White sneakers.

minimalist style
minimalist fashion

A black pencil skirt, a white blouse, and black pumps.

black and white fashion

Pieces are timeless, with an Audrey Hepburn feel, yet somehow current.

from ILY Couture
classic minimalist style

Equally feminine and masculine, the clothes are structured and soft, form fitting and relaxed.

androgynous style // white on white
edgy minimalist fashion
minimalist style
minimalist style

Want to see more of my favourite outfit inspiration?  All of these outfit shots come from my 'Style' Pinterest board!


High quality speakers play my favourite music (the beatles, the beachboys, hamilton the musical) while I get ready under the watchful eyes of my two kittens.

Chewy monster! // Plant Based Bride
Miss Yoda (the princess of our house) // Plant Based Bride

My fiance sits at the small chair and table where I did my morning pages and drinks his coffee as we chat about the day ahead.

but first, coffee. // Plant Based Bride

A green smoothie in hand, I pick out my outfit for the day and touch up my lipstick.

Chewy and Yoda love green smoothies! // Plant Based Bride

I get my man to take a couple shots of my outfit with our Fuji for my Instagram, and head out the door to take on the day.

Now, I realize that this minimalist lifestyle doesn't work for everyone.  I mean, even I still have trouble parting with more colourful clothing that I just don't wear anymore!  An awesome option for that is to store your off-season clothing (or clothing you're just not too sure about anymore, but aren't ready to donate) off-site with a storage company like MakeSpace.  They're a new full-service storage facility that can be managed from your phone!  (So much more convenient than storage companies I've dealt with in the past.)  They make it super easy to have your items picked up, stored, or delivered back to you, with just a couple of taps.  Check out their self storage locations here!

I hope you enjoyed today's post and I would LOVE to hear about your dream closet in the comments below!

Until next time,

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