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Matt & Nat Review

Matt & Nat is a Canadian company, established in Montreal in 1995.  Their name is from "material and nature" and their motto is "live beautifully”.

They are a committed vegan brand, using zero animal products in their designs.  They work hard to use sustainable and eco-friendly materials - that also happen to be high quality and gorgeous!

I own four pieces from their collection, and today I’m going to talk you through them and give you a peek!

Matt & Nat Vegan Bag Review // Chubby - Parabole - Dean - Tacoma // Plant Based Bride

The four items I own are:

Chubby Wallet $65 CAD (dwell collection)

Parabole SM $130 (vintage collection)

Dean Backpack $175 CAD (vintage collection)

Tacoma $210 (vintage collection)

Not only are the bags from Matt & Nat ethical, but they are eco-friendly and sustainable, too.  Since 2007 they have used linings that are 100% made from recycled plastic bottles.

Not only that, but they are incredibly transparent with their customers about the conditions in their factories in China.

I adore their minimal approach to design and lust after almost every piece they produce.  They mostly make bags and other small "leather" goods but have recently begun producing footwear as well (which I need on my feet high this very second).

Check out the video for details on each of the pieces I own and check out their website for absolutely delicious vegan bags!

(Not literally.  Don’t eat them, just wear them.)

Do you own anything from Matt & Nat?  What are your thoughts on it?

Until next time,