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Hi all!  As you know from my last post on the topic, I LOVE listening to podcasts.  While I’m walking, driving, cooking, cleaning, showering… I’m listening to a podcast.  I’ve discovered some new gems recently and wanted pull together a little list of my current top 10 - from Canadian politics and media, to veganism, to atheism, and more!

Current Favourite Podcasts // Plant Based Bride // Hi all!  As you know from my last post on the topic, I LOVE listening to podcasts.  While I’m walking, driving, cooking, cleaning, showering… I’m listening to a podcast.  I’ve discovered some new gems recently and wanted pull together a little list of my current top 10 - from Canadian politics and media, to veganism, to atheism, and more!

10. Ladies Who Lunch

~ 1 hour per episode

Number of episodes... 52

Release frequency... Weekly

Host(s)... Ingrid Nilsen and Cat Valdes 

Format... Ingrid and Cat chat about a specific topic (like sex, relationships, social phobias and more) and answer listeners' written in questions.

My favourite thing...  They chat about topics often left out of polite conversation.

The drawback...  They describe their lunch at the top of each podcast and it is rarely, if ever, vegan.  This may be triggering to some listeners.  (I fast forward through that section.)

Who would love it... Anyone who would appreciate the insight of one straight and one gay woman on a variety of taboo topics.

9. Banging Book Club

~ 1 hour per episode

Number of episodes... 18

Release frequency... Twice A Month

Host(s)... Lena, Lucy, and Hannah

Format... Three friends review a book about sex.

My favourite thing...  Their British accents, the noise review, and the books about banging.

The drawback... The podcasts aren't very frequent and there isn't a large backlog.

Who would love it... Anyone who wishes they were in a sexy book club.

8. Canadaland: Commons

~ 30 minutes per episode

Number of episodes... 71

Release frequency... Biweekly

Host(s)... Ryan McMahon, Hadiya Roderique and Ashley Csanady

Format... The hosts talk about current news and politics in Canada. 

My favourite thing... How informative it is and how well they explain complicated aspects of Canadian politics (for someone who kind of hates politics but knows I should stay informed).

The drawback... Only really applies to Canadians.

Who would love it... People who hate politics but still want to be informed about Canadian politics. 

7. Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack

~ 30 minutes per episode

Number of episodes... 118

Release frequency... Weekly

Host(s)... Callie and Nichole

Format... In depth discussion on a particular vegan or intersectional topic after updates and vegan news.

My favourite thing... Their intersectional approach to veganism.

The drawback... They tend to focus heavily on the United States.

Who would love it... Vegans who want to get into the world of intersectionality (or are already here)!

6. The Mustards

~ 1 hour per episode

Number of episodes... 14

Release frequency... Weekly

Host(s)... Jenny and David Mustard

Format... Jenny and David chat about whatever topic they feel like.

My favourite thing... David's semi-funny anecdote about people they don't know.

The drawback... It's probably only interesting to people who follow them on YouTube and social media and are familiar with them.

Who would love it... Vegan minimalists who like dry humour.

5. Waking Up With Sam Harris

~ 1 hour and 30 minutes per episode

Number of episodes... 70

Release frequency... Weekly

Host(s)... Sam Harris

Format... Sam and guest explore important and controversial questions about the human mind, society, and current events. 

My favourite thing... The erudite guests and wide array of topics covered.

The drawback... Sometimes Sam and his guests disagree and get stuck in the weeds.

Who would love it... Fans of big names in the atheist community and those with an interest in current events, politics, religion, and science and technology.

4. The Bearded Vegans

~ 1 hour and 30 minutes per episode

Number of episodes... 74

Release frequency... Weekly

Host(s)... Paul and Andy

Format... Paul and Andy discuss the food they've eaten then dive into a vegan topic.

My favourite thing... Their camaraderie and banter.

The drawback... They sometimes go on a little too long about the food they've eaten.

Who would love it... Vegans who like funny people.

3. Thank God I’m Atheist

~ 1 hour and 30 minutes per episode

Number of episodes... 280

Release frequency... Weekly

Host(s)... Frank and Dan

Format... Frank and Dan alternate sharing global news centred on religion and then discuss/make fun of it.

My favourite thing... How they frame religion as the silly thing it is.

The drawback... Sometimes they ramble on for a little too long (according to my husband).  I disagree.

Who would love it... Atheists.

2. Canadaland

~ 40 minutes per episode

Number of episodes... 291

Release frequency... Twice A Week

Host(s)... Jesse Brown

Format... Canadian media criticism and media reporting with at least one guest (a journalist or media figure).

My favourite thing...  Jesse's blunt criticism of Candian media.

The drawback...  Probably doesn't appeal to non-Canadians.

Who would love it... Canadians who care about our media landscape.

1. Colour Code

~ 40 minutes per episode

Number of episodes... 13

Release frequency... N/A (This is a miniseries that is only 13 episodes long)

Host(s)...  Denise Balkissoon and Hannah Sung

Format... Each episode explores another facet of race in Canada.

My favourite thing... The honest portrayal of the current state of race and racism in Canada.

The drawback... There are only 13 episodes!

Who would love it... Canadians searching for discussions of race that don't focus on the United States.

What are your favourite podcasts?  I am always open to suggestions!

I would also love to know what your favourite format for a podcast is - interviews, Q&A, segments, big topics... let me know!  (I may or may not be planning to start a podcast of my own once I reach my $500 Patreon goal!)

Happy listening!

Until next time,

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