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I LOVE podcasts.  I'm a serial listener.  I listen to podcasts about business, fitness, the news, and, of course, veganism.  I have recently happened upon a couple of amazing vegan podcasts and I decided now was the time to update my resources list and highlight the best vegan podcasts out there!

Best Vegan Podcasts (in this blogger's humble opinion) // Plant Based Bride


Number of episodes... 336

Release frequency... Weekly

Host(s)... Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan

Format... Regular segments including news and rising anxieties as well as interviews

My favourite thing...  A tie between the rising anxieties segment with Mariann and the incredible interviews!

The drawback...  I wish they came out with episodes more regularly than once a week :)

Who would love it... Pretty much any vegan interested in changing the world for animals!  (See what I did there?)


Number of episodes... 76

Release frequency... Weekly

Host(s)... Callie and Nichole

Format... In depth discussion on a particular topic or an interview along with regular segments (like news)

My favourite thing...  The joke in the middle and the incredibly interesting discussions they have on complicated topics!

The drawback...  Once again, I wish the podcasts came out more frequently!

Who would love it... Vegan warrior princesses and princes who are interested in atheism, feminism, and intersectionality as well as veganism and have a sense of humour.


Number of episodes... 234

Release frequency... Weekly

Host(s)... Rich Roll

Format... Long form interview

My favourite thing...  The variety in the guests as well as Rich's ability to ask thought provoking questions.

The drawback...  Some interviews may not be your cup of tea as not all are vegan or involved in the vegan movement.

Who would love it... Those with a wide array of interests looking for inspiration in every area of their lives from health to entrepreneurship.


Number of episodes... 76

Release frequency... Monthly

Host(s)... Mariann Sullivan

Format... In depth interviews with lawyers about their animal law cases.

My favourite thing...  The view into the world of law as it relates to animal welfare and protection.

The drawback...  Sometimes I zone out when the discussion gets too technical - I'm not a lawyer!

Who would love it... Lawyers, animal activists, and those with an interest in the law and how it can harm or help animals.


Number of episodes... 101

Release frequency... Twice a week

Host(s)... Allison Melody and Suzy Hardy

Format... Interviews with doctors, nutritionists, chefs, and more about the healing effects of food.

My favourite thing...  The positive vibe and the guests!

The drawback...  Some of the spirituality episodes go right over my head.

Who would love it... Anyone who loves juicing, those who are hoping to heal their bodies with food, and those getting in touch with their spiritual side!


Number of episodes... 8

Release frequency... Monthly

Host(s)...  Jasmin Singer and Laura Delhauer

Format... Laura talks Jasmin through the creation of a recipe (you can cook along)!

My favourite thing...  The banter and recipe ideas.

The drawback...  I'd be more likely to follow along with a video podcast.  And it makes me hungry.

Who would love it... New vegans looking to learn how to cook without animal products, long-time vegans who don't consider themselves good in the kitchen, and those with a sense of humour!


Number of episodes... 87

Release frequency... Weekly

Host(s)... Jackson Foster

Format... Interviews, Q&As, and topic discussions.

My favourite thing...  The Q&A podcasts.

The drawback...  Jackson is still quite young and that comes through in his podcast.

Who would love it... New vegans, younger vegans, and those interested in fitness and the environment!


Number of episodes... 147

Release frequency... Weekly

Host(s)... Matt Frazier and Doug Hay

Format... Topic discussions or interviews

My favourite thing...  The non-judgemental, non-preachy vibe (not that the other podcasts are preachy!  Matt and Doug are just very chill).

The drawback...  I'm not a runner and so I won't listen to about 50% of the podcasts.

Who would love it... Vegan runners or runners interested in upping their diet game!

Do you have a favourite vegan podcast that I didn't mention?  Let me know in the comments below so I can give them a listen!  

I would also love to know what your favourite format for a podcast is - interviews, Q&A, segments, big topics... let me know!  (I may or may not be planning to start a podcast of my own once I reach my $500 Patreon goal!)

Happy listening!

Until next time,

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