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#LastWeekInVegan Chloe Fired From by CHLOE. For What?? & Esther The Wonder Pig Gets A TV Show!

Here we are for another #LastWeekInVegan!  I have to admit, I was a bit shocked by the first story today.  The way Chloe Coscarelli has been pushed out of by CHLOE. is a warning to all young entrepreneurs, and you best believe I heard it.  Have you been keeping up with the story?  I did some digging to piece it together, but there are still quite a few details that have been left out of the press.  I'm really curious to hear your thoughts on the whole situation!

#LastWeekInVegan Chloe Fired From by CHLOE. For What?? & Esther The Wonder Pig Gets A TV Show! // Plant Based Bride

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STORY 1: Chloe Coscarelli fired from her restaurant chain, by CHLOE.

New York arbitrator ruled that ESquared Hospitality is allowed to terminate Chloe and move forward with the brand without her involvement.

STORY 2: GLAMOUR suggests its readers go vegan and cruelty-free

The article is titled:
"5 Things You Can Do to Protect the Environment Without Turning Your Life Upside Down"
2nd on their list?  Ditch the meat.  They say: "This one may sting at first, but it’s the single biggest shift you can make.”  Bam!
3rd?  Switch to Cruelty-Free products.  They rep looking for the PETA bunny, Leaping bunny, or Vegan symbols.

Not bad Glamour, not bad.

Here's the rest of their article:

STORY 3: Arkansas Passes Debilitating Ag-Gag Bill

Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson signed ag-gag bill HB1665 into law on Thursday March 23rd. The legislation will make it illegal for employees, journalists, investigators, and watchdogs in a variety of industries (including factory farms) to document abuse.

STORY 4: Spinach Leaf Transformed Into Beating Human Heart Tissue

Scientists use the veins of a spinach leaf to transport blood to human heart cells.

STORY 5: Esther the Wonder Pig to get a Reality Show

Esther the Wonder Pig may soon have her own reality series entitled Estherville.


Mercy For Animals Video on Farmed Animal Intelligence:

Your Vegan Fallacy Is… (for the next time you get into a debate with a meat-eater)

The Fry Family Food Co. UK - short film/documentary (from goat farming to vegan meats)

What are your thoughts on today's stories?  Will you tune in to watch Estherville?

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