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Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies!

Welcome back for this year's third holiday gift guide, one I'm very excited for, the vegan foodies gift guide!  (Missed the first two?  Not to worry!  Check out my gift guide for Yogis and Beauty Lovers as soon as you finish lusting after the items in today's guide!)  Whether the person on your list is a long-time foodie or just getting into the glorious world of vegan food they'll absolutely adore the gifts on this list.  Who doesn't love a gift that helps keep them well-fed?

No idea what to get the vegan foodie in your life?  I've got you covered!  Check out 11 gifts that will knock their socks off, all 100% vegan!

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The perfect gift for the coffee-fanatic on your list!  A classic french press with gorgeous design, this is an appliance they'll never want to store in the cupboard! 

Help your loved-ones take their snack-game to the next level!  This powerful dehydrator comes with 4 trays but can support up to 12 (think Sims expansion packs) and takes less time than ordinary dehydrators.  

3. Vegan Cuts Subscription Box, $59 for 3 months

Want to give the gift that keeps on giving to that guy or gal on your list who's too busy to take a breath?  Why not send them a 3 (or 6, or 12!) month subscription to a curated box of vegan snacks to keep them going and guessing?

4. WonderVeg Vegetable Spiralizer, $20.32

A must for all of your trendy vegan friends.  Zoodles to the rescue!

I use this blender and I LOVE IT.  It's a great affordable option!  No need to splurge on a Vitamix to make delicious hummus, sauces, nana ice cream, and more!

6. Dr-Cow Tree Nut Cheeses Sample Box, $85

Give the gift of vegan cheese and feel the love from your family and friends!

7. Thirstystone Marble Serving Tray, $64.22

Every foodie needs an understated marble serving tray for entertaining, breakfasts in bed, and beautiful instagram shots!

8. Milk and Honey Luxuries Vegan Hand Stamped Fork, $21.92

An adorable gift for the hungry vegan in your life!

A great recipe resource for new and veteran vegans alike.

10. Acme Humane Not Cow's Milk Ceramic Creamer, $35.62

A clean and simple creamer for your vegan foodie's favourite non-dairy milk!

This is definitely on my wish list this year... Jason and I are sprout fiends!  Who wouldn't want to make their own sprouts at home?

I was never what I would consider a foodie until after transitioning to a plant based diet (I'm still not compared to some!) but now I love cooking, trying new foods, and getting creative.  I would love to receive any of the gifts in this guide, and bet the foodie on your list would too!

Until next time,

Holiday Gift Guide for Vegan Foodies!

Did I miss and foodie essentials?  Let me know in the comments!

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