Plant Based Bride

One woman's thoughts on the science and morality behind the choice to live without animal products. And possibly a blog post or two about centrepieces.

Meat Allergy Causing Lone Star Tick Is Spreading #LastWeekInVegan

You've probably heard of the meat allergy causing Lone Star Tick.  But did you know it's spreading?

This story and more in this week's Last Week In Vegan!

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What's On My iPhone 7 Plus? + My Favourite Vegan Apps

I have always found "What's On My Phone" videos fascinating.  You can learn so much about a person by what they keep on their phone and how they organize it!

Get to know me better by watching the video and let me know your favourite apps in the comments below!

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Why Are Carnists So Sensitive? #LastWeekInVegan

Oh hello there!  Welcome back to Last Week In Vegan, the biweekly video covering the most interesting vegan news from all around the world.

This week we're chatting about:

Workers getting fired after the release of the BC Chicken Abuse Video by Mercy For Animals, carnists vandalizing Canada's first vegan drive-thru, the Yulin dog meat festival, the Czech Republic's historic decision, prohibited drugs found in "100% natural" US chicken, the first zero-waste vegan facility, the American Medical Association calling for hospitals to offer plant-based meals, and the radical growth of veganism in America since 2014.

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