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Birthday Wishlist: Vegan Edition

In my family we have a tradition.  Five times a year, a month or so before each of our birthdays and before christmas, an email will come in listing everything on our wishlist.  We're a very practical family, and like to know exactly what the others need or want when those times of year come around.  I can actually go back and see my birthday wishlist from 2002 if I dig deep enough on my hard drive...  All of this to say, I have a bit of experience making wish lists.  Well, every kind of list, really.  But that's a topic for another day.

Now that I'm vegan, making a list is a bit more complicated.  I can't just see something I like on instagram or pinterest and pop it on.  I have to do research into the company and item to ensure no animal products were used and that the product wasn't tested on animals.  It would be laborious, expect that I love shopping and don't mind the excuse to do more of it to find the PERFECT vegan items to lust after!  The two big ones on my list this year were the Matt & Nat Parabole bag and Chubby wallet, which my parents graciously picked up for me (thank you, again!) and for which I wrote a whole dedicated post, here.  But what else is on my list?  Take a look!  (This post contains some affiliate links.)

1 Two-Piece Suits Me Natural Beige D'Orsay Flats  2 Ahimsa Dress Boot in Black  3 Romance Cosmetic "I Do"  4 Boyd Sunglasses  5 Up All Night Flats  6 Plant Based Memory Foam Mattress  7 City Classified Sadler Black Suede Pointed Flats  8 Melissa Petal Flats  9 Roller Coast to Coast Black Clutch  10 Ellison Sunglasses

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And there you have it!  As a former shopaholic, this blogging-about-the-things-I-want-to-buy-but-not-buying-them thing is kind of fantastic...  I hope you liked my list and maybe found a new item or two to add to yours  (if you have, remember to use Ebates to get cash back on your online purchases.  I've been using them for years and recommend the site 100%!)

Until next time...

Where do you like to shop for vegan goods?  Let me know in the comments below!

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